2010-2011 End of season awards: Liverpool (and Premiership too)

In the by-gone tradition of 606....Who are your picks for the following categories?


I've listed Liverpool first, and then for most (all) of them I've put my league choice. Since we can't be the best at everything, can we? ;)

Best Young Player: Martin Kelly / Joe Hart (is he still considered young?)

Best Old Player: Uh...Maxi perhaps since his late-season contribution was unexpected / Edwin Van der Sar (he's 40 you know ;p)

Best Hard man: Carra for surviving head trauma on more than one occasion / Charlie Adam (LOL) for all those daft tackles and suspensions … or De Jong just for being De Jong

Most Likely to roll around in Agony: Raul Meireles / Nani - For both of these guys, it was even sometimes a real injury!

Hopeful Hopeless Dive of the Season: Maxi / Nani (They must each have made at least one perfect 10?

Best Transfer In: Luis Suarez / Javier Hernandez or maybe David Luiz

Best Transfer Out: Konch / El Hadj-Diouf – good riddance to bad rubbish

Worst Transfer In/Loan: Konch (so bad we had to send him away again inside of 6 months) / Wayne Bridge (gave up about 3 goals on his debut)

Most Improved Player: Lucas / Nani

Most Disappointing Player: Torres - for the way he went on both before and after his departure, really uncalled for and then he was rubbish when he got there, which whilst amusing was also a bit sad / West Ham United for going down without trying to stop the rot

Most Ridiculous Hair: Andy Carroll / David 'Sideshow Bob' Luiz and Bacary 'I've got sausages on my head' Sagna  


Best Baldy: Reina for being normal / Anelka for being too kool for skool

Worst Baldy: Raul Meireles / Stephen Ireland – Why, just why?

Most impressive use of Ink: Agger (except I think it has made him into a delicate flower) / Jermaine Pennant (it hides the fact that he can't really play football ;p)

Most Costly Challenge of the Year: Joe Cole on Koscielny in that first match v Arsenal – the beginning of his and our troubles in a match we should have won / Koscielny's foul to concede a penalty that set Newcastle on the road the unprecedented four-goal comeback in that crazy 4-4

Most likely to appear in the red tops: Want-aways angling for a pay rise and those who play-away, or point guns at innocent bystanders!

Biggest Strop: Roy Hodgson when he blamed Rafa, the supporters, the stars, the young players and his dog for our rubbish performances / Wayne Rooney when he said that United had lost their ambition and that he'd like to go, please.

Favourite Goal: Meireles volley at Wolves / Tiote volley from the Barton free-kick v Arsenal

Worst Miss: Gerrard penalty miss v Blackburn (on purpose?) / Torres 501 efforts in 900 minutes at Chelsea before he finally got one in the rain

Most Overrated: Got to be Joe Cole, sadly. He's lost whatever it is that he had, and I expect him to be off / Gareth Bale – a couple of good games v a slow Inter Milan and blinding pace at 21 do not a world-class player make. Just saying.

Most Underrated: Dirkaldinho, who keeps going and going / Michael Dawson, who has finally morphed into a top class defender. For Spurs! Can we blame William Gallas for this?

Your Player of the Year: Lucas Leiva / Nemanja Vidic or maybe Carlos Tevez

Favourite Moment: The departure of the Yanks, the win in the courts, later followed by the Return of the King / Looking for streams to watch Blackpool give it a go almost every game, pure entertainers

Least-Favourite Moment: Seeing us stuck in the relegation zone with rubbish performances and thinking that last year's 'blip' was terminal and that all of our good players would leave us / Well, it's got to be seeing Torres in a blue shirt. Still.

Most Exciting Match: Not sure, the 3-1 win over United? Because I thought we were going to be destroyed that day! Or the 5-2 at Craven Cottage / Newcastle 4-4 Arsenal

Least Exciting Match: EL nil-nil … there were so many, but probably the Utrecht both home and away and Sparta Prague away legs were the worst of the worst. / Any match hyped up by Sky that translated into several hours of my life that I'm never getting back

Biggest shock: Seeing us spend over 50 million pounds on the last day of the January transfer window to bring in Suarez and Carroll and thinking that perhaps things were going to work out in the long run and being proved right when we managed a credible 6th, undreamed of in the dark days of winter / Seeing Chelsea implode in the title race, get back into the title race, fall short and then sack Carlo Ancelotti. Crazy!

Your ideas welcome....


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Most disappointing match has to be Blackpool 0-0 Stoke. Second last home game(I think), with Blackpool having scored in every home game, and not being able to defend to save their lives and it ends 0-0!
Gareth Bale most over rated?! You are aware he is the greatest player in the history of football? Wingers don't need to get goals or assists, and Gareth Bale is the epitomy of this!
In all seriousness, a well thought out article, perhaps Darren Bent for Best Signing, as without him we could well have gone down, but I'd agree with most choices.
Yep! There were quite a few of the January goal-getters that I considered, Sturridge at Bolton (but I guess they actually tailed off a bit from where they were) as well. Bent could also be considered a 'worst transfer out' for Sunderland, who imploded without him.

Best Young Player: Martin Kelly (Jack Wilshire)

Best Old Player: Dirk Kuyt (Edwin Van Der Saar)

Best Hard man: Jay Spearing, he just likes like a puppy but gets SSOOOO passionate! (Karl Henry for kicking Joey Barton in the air no less than eight times in one game!)

Most Likely to roll around in Agony: Luis Suarez (Nani)

Hopeful Hopeless Dive of the Season: Luis Suarez, just not sure which attempt (Nani, smae applies)

Best Transfer In: Luis Suarez (Hernandez)

Best Transfer Out: Torres, he was playing poorly and we got £50m! (would agree with El Hadj-Diouf, he is a disgrace)

Worst Transfer In/Loan: Poulsen (Torres?)

Most Improved Player: Lucas, I thought he was much better last season but he as stepped up again! (Bale)

Most Disappointing Player: Torres (Torres)

Most Ridiculous Hair: Glen Johnson before getting it cut (David Luiz)


Best Baldy: Reina / Meireles, it just looks natural (Anelka's looks good)

Worst Baldy: Joe Cole, it is going but he doesn't seem to be accepting it! (Rooney)

Most impressive use of Ink: Meireles, is there anywhere (that I want to know about) that he isn't tattooed.

Most Costly Challenge of the Year: Steven Gerrard in Kenny's first game back.  (Rooney swearing at the camera)

Most likely to appear in the red tops: Lucas / Skrtel, they both seem to like to have their say (Rooney)

Biggest Strop: Hodgson furious face rub! (Tevez reaction to being subbed)

Favourite Goal: Meireles, not much debate really (Tiote, left foot volley from outside the box curving away from the keeper into the bottom corner)

Worst Miss: N'Gog, too many to name (Robbie Keane, too many to name)

Most Overrated: Skrtel (Adam)

Most Underrated: Carragher, this may seem strange but without him we look awful, so important to our side (Matt Jarvis)

Your Player of the Year: Luis Suarez, helped change our season (Samir Nasri, was brilliant for but the last couple of months)

Favourite Moment: New owners (Last day of season relegation battle, simply brilliant)

Least-Favourite Moment: Losing to Northampton (Man Utd winning the league, obviously)

Most Exciting Match: Beating Fulham 5-2, some of the football we played was superb (Champions League final, not becasue Man Utd lost, just a excellent game to watch)

Least Exciting Match: Northampton (FA Cup final)

Biggest shock: Andy Carroll signing for £35m (Man City keeping Tevez as captain)


(this was done with little thinking time)

I haven't got the stamina to write a full list- also senility means I can't actually remember what I think about most things.

Best goal for me was all of Dirk's tap-ins against Utd. Not because they were great goals but because they were against Utd.

Meireles is a puzzle- he gets three awards.  Best baldy,  Most impressive use of ink ( last one shared with Dan) , looks hard but tackles like  a girl (sorry ladies) and so probably gets Most likely to roll about....

Not having a go, I support all our players ( until they leave , Fernando), I just think that as he looks the part, he could maybe act it a bit more.

Best hard man would always go to Carragher even if he hadn't scratched Nani. Carra would win it even with Mike Tyson in the team.

Right, that's tired me out now so I'll have to have a little lie down.

If I dream up anymore  I'll be back.

I should like to add a category for unintentionally funniest and most cringeworthy football commentary.


Can only be one winner.


LOL. Yep, I had that here, but then thought that as it transcended every thing else I'd put it on TCIR's list. Love the pic by the way. I've seen a number of novely t-shirts with the slogan, I wonder if he gets a cut? 


Had a thought about Matt Jarvis and Chris Brunt for under rated (non-Liverpool) as well, esp. Brunt. And maybe Clint Dempsey for Fulham - I think he scored double figures for them and no one outside of the club ever mentions him that I can recall.

Dempsey gets quite a bit of publicity for a player at a non-top six club.  Brunt and Jarvis have been brilliant but both have been praised in the media, the reason I put Jarvis down as most underrated is because I beleive he is far better that people say.  I think he is good enough to play for the majority of the teams in EPL.
I have to agree about Jarvis. He doesnt' have too much too his game but what he does have is and extremely good cross and dribbling ability. I have watched him out pace every left or right back in the PL this season. Would be a good shout for 8-9 million and a very decent wide squad player.
Plus he can use both feet and isn't scared of a trick or shooting.  Tracks back too.

Most under-rated has gotta be James mcCarthy of Wigan. Does the things Wilshere does better for a worse club at the same age and gets little media attention about it. If he goes to L'pool like thr rumours were saying the other week you've got a star player on your hands!:



He's another good shout, Blue, I agree. Wigan have a few guys that can really do a job, they will do well to hold on to them and strengthen where possible to try and stay up again next year.

 I couldn't think of a proper answer for some of these so I just decided to slag off Man Utd for the sake of it. I'm sure that wasn't the point of the article but I'm sure no-one will mind.



Best Young Player: Martin Kelly / Jack Wilshere

Best Old Player: Carra - our only old player / Ryan Giggs - better this season than when he won the POTY

Best Hard man:  Can't think of anyone tbh, Carra by default / Cheik Tiote - he's a bit mental

Most Likely to roll around in Agony: Raul Meireles / Nani

Hopeful Hopeless Dive of the Season: Maxi (Chelsea) / Probably Nani

Best Transfer In: Luis Suarez / Hernandez, Odemwingie or Tiote

Best Transfer Out: PFK / Diouf

Worst Transfer In/Loan: Joe Cole / Bebe

Most Improved Player: Jay Spearing / Nani

Most Disappointing Player: Gerrard (poor season by his standards) / Torres or Dzeko

Most Ridiculous Hair: Andy Carroll / Alexander Song  


Best Baldy: Pepe Reina (Liverpool) / Howard Webb (Man Utd)

Worst Baldy: PFK (Liverpool) / PFK (Forest)

Most impressive use of Ink: Raul Meireles / Wayne Rooney for managing to spell his name correctly on his shiny new contract

Most likely to appear in the red tops: Andy Carroll / Ryan Giggs

Biggest Strop: Internet terroist and epic swindle claims / Ian Holloway, "I'll quit if we get charged for fielding weakened team", then gets charged and nothing more is said.

Favourite Goal: Kuyt (well really Suarez) v Man Utd / Bale v Stoke. Goal of the season.

Worst Miss: Meireles v Villa / Linesman missing Vidic's handball

Most Overrated: Poulsen - sorry guys, I just don't think he's got what it takes / Bale. Nothing against him but I wish people would shut up about him. He's had a couple of good games.

Most Underrated: Glen Johnson - everyone seems to think he's terrible now / Michael Carrick

Your Player of the Year: Lucas Leiva / Nani (1st half), RVP (2nd half)

Favourite Moment: Same as ImP - two great days and far better than anything that happened on the field this year / Not Premiership but it has to be Barca 5-0 Madrid - one of the best performances I've ever seen

Least-Favourite Moment: Wolves at Anfield / Barca v Madrid CL semis - an embarrasment to the sport

Most Exciting Match: Not many to choose from, probably 3-1 Man Utd / Newcastle 4-4 Arsenal

Least Exciting Match: All of our EL away matches but I think Prague was the most boring / I usually just switch off boring matches. Maybe Man Utd v Chelsea at the end of the season, I knew what was going to happen but I put myself through it anyway.

Biggest shock: Appointing Roy Hodgson to take over from Rafa (not that I should have been surprised at the cowboys and Purslow but that was probably their worst mistake of all) / West Ham showing loyalty to Grant (for reasons unknown) all season long, then sacking him half an hour after relegation



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