Judging by the activity on here the season is over already, well it might just as be, we have all lost interest.

In the final games is it possible that Bruce will have a look at the youngsters? Probably not given his attitude so far.

Although I don't really care what happens till August I can say with certainty that I will be feeling very sick if Flabby is anywhere near the team now or next season.

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Yep, it's fallen a bit flat. If Bruce was actually using the last few games to give the youngsters experience there might be something to talk about, but he's not.

Team: Johnstone, Hutton, Chester, Baker, Hourihane, Gardner, Bacuna, Lansbury, Hogan, Kodjia

Apart from resting Jedinak (carrying a knock anyway) and Adomah, no change. Bree and Grealish on the bench, RHM nowhere in sight. Probably heading for a boring draw.

Or a defeat, if we are going to lose, at least can Huddersfield win.

Bruce saying his expectation for the summer is 12-13 out and 3-4 in!!

Looks like Sunderland will be down today.

Sounds like this is a terrible performance. I don't care about Blues; this is Blackburn we are playing. We ought to win comfortably.

On current showing next season doesn't look good. Never mind 3 or 4 in in the summer; how about getting the "quality" players we bought in January to play?

Will Bruce be given more time? I wonder. This isn't what the Dr. ordered, and there must be limits to his patience. And ours!

Another scintillating performance Mr Bruce are you sure you're up to the job?

I am not convinced, how is it you can turn good players at other clubs into mediocre players at Villa Park.

See you in August if I can be bothered.

Yet again Mr Bruce comes out with this isn't good enough, we can see why we have only won 4 away games all season, Blah, blah, blah.

Sorry to break the obvious news coach but its your team, full of your bought in players, with your week of training skills and tactics, with a team that you have had for three quarters of the season,,that looks shite.

How the hell will we go up next season if the core of that team is so poor, unmotivated for it seems every match?

What quality players would want to come to our club, apart from the journey men we always seem to hire.

How can players like Gabby be near the team when we have the so called next gen of talent wasting in the reserves. Don't care that he scored against Blues, that again was another shocking match.

Yes Mr Bruce will be here next year. Fine no probs. But if he cant get us playing good football in 30 plus games then what will he do different next season?

Just a mention of how disappointed I am in Villa's fans too. All season they have travelled in huge numbers but at Blackburn, cheering for the opposition???

That performance was completely and utterly unacceptable. It was a load of old shite. We look relegation fodder ourselves, forget Blackburn or Blues. As for our obsession with Blues? We have the audacity to call them 'small time'? Well we have shown and proven that our OWN fans are small time. That's now undeniable and unarguable. We are 'small time'. Disgusted.

With this and the boring, defensive, quality-less football under Bruce,I may not even bother with next season. I'll follow Stourbridge, Halesowen or Solihull.

Big question: does Bruce know how to put out a side which plays any other way? There's no evidence that he does.

This isn't what Xia bought the club for. Where does that leave us?

(a) Xia gets cheesed off and walks away. If that happens we're truly in it. There's rumours about it today and I'm pretty sure it's no more than that. But makes me nervous.

(b) Xia, Wyness and Round decide that Bruce can do it, knows how to turn it around, and support him with more signings over the summer. Maybe they know more than us. Maybe they just think there's no alternative.

(c)  Xia, Wyness and Round get tough, clear out the deadwood but tell Bruce he's having no more signings until he shows he can do something with the existing ones. That actually might be a sensible approach, except it means next season could get very iffy. In similar situations in the past (there have been a few) Bruce has just walked, which could actually be a good outcome.

(d) Xia & Co decide Bruce should have done better, that he can't be trusted with more signings, and sack him.

For me, bottom line is this. I know we have had problems. But the signings Bruce made in January were meant to overcome that, to provide the core of a squad which can be been built on for next season. It's been an almost total failure; Johnstone and Taylor have been good,  Lansbury disappointing, and the rest downright poor. Overall, there has been no improvement. I think Bruce has failed and he won't be able to put it right.



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