First Rover to make a post on this site,anyone else coming on i wonder

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I reckon it'll take time but push it to a few of your Rovers mates on 606.


A lot of the other sites are free for alls with abuse and swearing and that kind of thing, that's the exact of what we want. 


Anyway, how are you finding your new manager.  I think many, including myself if I'm honest, thought he'd fall flat on his face but he seems to be doing ok.

Well ya i agree,in fact i am pleasantly surprised by him at the mo,still very early days but things are looking pretty ok,an attacking midfeilder that is fitter but as good as Dunn and we could be quite a threat for a Euro spot this season,sounds daft i know but we do look good espec going forward.

I hope a few others come and join, we will just have to wait and see to be honest..hope DD comes though..

Morning all! 
Hey hey hey.

Any ideas for the attacking midfielder?


If you could get Nolan that would be good for you.  He's been brilliant for Newcastle.

A few years ago, I would definitely have had Nolan, but I reckon he's settled at Newcastle and, realistically, we need to be looking at young English players who we can nurture into top class players. Long gone are the days when we could buy anyone we felt like :(
Hi there Kieth, i am with you on Nolan,he is having a great season up at Newki, but we could do with someone a bit younger i think allthough i wouldnt mind Scott Parker if the Hammers drop.

Definitely a good player, but costs and a willingness to move could prove huge stumbling blocks. I don't really like to play Football Manager with our team but I'd like a move for someone like Charlie Adam, only English and willing to track back.

You never know, maybe one of the new kids coming through could prove to be the player we're looking for.



Obviously there was some serious issues seeing Kean put in charge and then the disappointing results against West Ham and Stoke.


But I was at WBA for his first win and since then he has been brilliant, yes we lost 3-0 at Sunderland but we caught a good team bang in form and had a crippling injury list. 4 wins in the last 6 combined with a new formation and attacking passing football has given me every reason for optimism.


If we signed a left back and Krancjar as an attacking midfielder we'd be quite a force now.



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