I hate the International breaks, particularly as we are in form.

So to try and gat a bit of discussion going, here are a couple of thoughts.

If we do get promoted and Palace get relegated, would any of you like to see Benteke come home?

If we get promoted, can we in all good conscience sack Bruce?

What are your thoughts?

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If we hadn’t got Kodjia I would say definitely yes, he is another example of leaving when playing well and then going down hill by an ill judged moves (you could say that about Delph as well). I would have no hesitation in sacking Bruce this is his limit and his style of football isn’t good.

His job is to get promotion and take the money and run.

Benteke? At onetime I'd have said yes. But for all his skills, to me it's become obvious since he left us, and maybe a bit before, that he doesn't have a footballing brain. His movement isn't very good. He often stands waiting for the ball, instead of making the sort of moves which would cause panic amongst defenders. He's not very good at holding the ball up. A pity, because some of his skills are great. Big contrast with Davis, who for all his youth creates trouble for defenders, and contributes much more to the team. Looking at Benteke's skills, you'd think it was ridiculous that in his final year with us we were nearly relegated. But that shows his limitations, which Palace have experienced since.

Bruce? Difficult one. I think we have a problem in that I think a Bruce type team, even if it gets us back to the PL, isn't suitable for the PL. In a way I'd rather we changed now, which probably isn't going to happen, rather than then. Can see that getting promotion and then immediately sacking would be controversial, But over the time he's been with us I've come to the conclusion that he doesn't really have the abilities for a PL manager. IF I'm right, then we're going to need somebody else.

Benteke, no thanks, he is in the game just for the cash as he has been found out as a striker now.

He was new exciting, an unknown beast when he was with us, sadly that left him when he left us.

Bruce,,,I still think this purple patch will go wrong like it did last season as the man has no plan b when things start going wrong.

we had this form last season remember around about this time, that went wrong.

I hope ,well prey that he does get us up and then is payed off as he hasn't got the brain to keep us in the prem but I still in doubt that we will go up.

Yep, I'm still remembering how previous good patches went haywire. Bruce when he came in looked like the stabilising force we needed in, but as Xmas approached it tailed off and January and  most of February were appalling. OK there was the Cup of Nations effect, but he knew that it was coming and his only answer was Gabby. He managed to pull it around at the end of February (would have gone if he hadn't), had another good spell but then slumped towards the end of season, a slump which continued through the start of this season.

So reckon the chances are we will have another slump before too long.

Benteke - if we fail to get promoted which is entirely possible then for a Championship side he will do a job but at the expense of whom ? He has proved that he is not an PL team player !

Bruce - has proved to me that he is not a PL manager - he still struggles with being a Championship manager who has bowed to fan/media pressure to change his negative options without even having a plan B ! Conscience is only relative - if he achieves promotion then the Doc should thank him then say bye bye you have done exactly what you were brought here to do but you are not good enough to manage this great club in the most demanding league in the world.



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