As if beating Blues wasn't important enough. This match really is crunch time. The way teams ahead of us are dropping points, a win here could get us within striking distance of the playoffs. Lose it, or even draw it, and chances of the playoffs are faint. A big match; Sunday afternoon could have us relaxing with a smile, or engulfed in the depths of despair!

Smith has one big decision. Does he stick with last Saturday's starting eleven bar a replacement for Elphick, or does he bring in McGinn? If he brings in McGinn, who does he drop?

I'd stick with Saturday's line-up. After they played so well, it would send the wrong message to drop one of them. Stick McGinn on the bench, in the knowledge he could make a highly effective substitute.

Think we'll win, even though it's a derby.


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I’ll go along with that, Dean cannot or shouldn’t change last weeks team, other than the forced change for Elphick.

It would be good to have McGinn on the bench should we need the Drive he brings.

Its make or break this game against the Noses, win and we can kick on and have a chance of the playoffs, lose and we are probably stuck in this hell hole.

i am not predicting, the last time I did we lost handsomely so I’ll go for Noses two Villa nil

Super Jack!!! Good win. Never going to be a classic, but an outstanding goal. Justice done after being attacked by a thug.

So, we stay on track. Wednesday's game against Forest is massive.

Well I am going to stick with no play offs, but it is showing just how much we need Jack.

If only we could get a full season out of him eh?

We need to sign on permanent deals, Mings, Hause and Abraham, with Chester, Grealish and McGinn we would have the makings of a decent squad.

Of course, I still have my fingers crossed for a miracle, but not getting excited just yet!

The signs of a charge are there; 3 wins on the trot. One more and we'll be nicely set up for the international break.

Definitely a good win well deserved.

One thing I fail to understand though, what does El Ghazi bring to the side?

But well done boys another against Boro would be very welcome.

As a lifelong Villan, you know what will happen at the weekend right!!

I hope not, but I am keeping my expectations on the down low!

El Ghazi? Provides the odd assist. I think his speed and movement creates problems for the opposition. He's got a lot to learn; should have scored more than he has, and his defensive work is poor.

Adomah's gone off the boil and I think Smith reckons that El Ghazi provides more of a threat, even with his faults.

Well, Jack comes back we win 4 on the bounce into the top 6, I wouldn't have thought it a month ago.

For me it is a bad time for a damn international break, but what can we do. Gives time for a few of the injured to come back I guess.

All our fixtures are pretty tough in the run in, one game at a time and we might make it.

As Dean says one game at a time, we have done very well over the last four games but there are eight to go. Excellent win today I hope we can sign at least two of the on loan players, three if possible, they have made an enormous difference to us.

Still don’t get El Ghazi though

Top win. Pulis must hate us; we always seem to do him. He shouldn't be too cautious. We even had a draw under Lambert because he was too defensive.

Today defensive didn't pay off. We gave them a torrid time, loads of pluses all round except for the injuries to Abraham and El Ghazi. However, nice to see Davis on the pitch again, and with other players coming back we're building up some depth at the right time.

Think the internationals will work in our favour. McGinn's two matches out seems to rejuvenated him, and I think a bit of a break will give others a useful rest. Then it's all to play for in the final 8.

The last two matches are difficult, so I think we need to establish our place in the top 6 in the next 6 games.



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