The squad is lightweight, some players are inexperienced in the premiership and we are already suffering injuries to key players before the season has even kicked off.  All we need is a few more to join that list (Bent for instance) and we could be in serious doo doo and be relying on youth/reserve players all over again.

Sorry, if I've bought a little negativity to the forum for once as everyone seems to be in a state of euphoria with PL our new saviour taking us to the promised land but for me he hasn't done an awful lot apart from shipping players out and not bringing enough in. We need at least a backup for Bent (goal scorer), more muscle in midfield and to seriously strengthen our floppy defense.

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Things PL has done:

> Brought in good players for low fees
> Identified very quickly who the weak links are in the team
> Trying to install a good passing attacking play (Will take time)
> Looks to be giving youth a good chance in the team
> Looking abroad for players to take us forward (Seem the new head of euro scouting is a good signing) 

> Didn't give Heskey a contract extension (I had a feeling AM would have kept him for another year if wages were reduced) 


Yes we are slightly short on numbers but i think it was nessessary to ship out those players and i think we'll deffinatly see a couple more in before the end of the month.

You can't blame PL for not bring in enough players in, im sure he know exactly whats needed and is working hard to do that. These things take time.

I am very excited for the season, maybe not in a state of euporia and i understand it may not click straight away. I want too see good positve football and ill think we'll start to see that installed this season.

Serious doo doo would be getting to the end of the season and ending in the bottom three. Under any circumstances I think that's highly unlikely; there are squads which are definitely weaker than ours. For me this season is a rebuilding process, and I think a good start has been made; PL is not hanging about. And with the new scout in place he's setting things up so that players either produce or be replaced. With the enthusiasm and commitment being shown there's a good chance that a lot of them will produce. He's building for the future; it will take time, but it's going to be an in-depth revamp of how the whole club sets about things.

Relying on youth/reserve players doesn't come into it. Those players who hovered on the periphery under McLeish are now one year older and part of the main setup. Other teams have committed to "inexperienced youth" and been the better for it; so it will be with us. All clubs have to rebuild from time to time; I think our rebuilding is going to be entertaining, sometimes nerve-wracking, and worth it in the long run.

agree with the last paragraph of what McParland said entirely.

I do think that this season will be a bit of a roller coaster,but am looking forward to it immensely:-)

But yes, i am a bit worried about all the experienced players being shipped out and not being replaced, but then again, Lambert probably is as well! Just enjoy the ride.....

Amen brother... too much is put on "experience"... i'd much rather have "quality" in my team...

We have carried backup for the centre forward for 3 years a waste of a shirt called Heskey. How many goals did he score?

2 players within the space of the next 5 days... 

Just watch... And we may even get rid of Hutton at the same time...

Makoun loan fee and wages being removed opens many avenue for Lambert to exploit... Money is there to be spent but they will not go above the wage cap. Fear not Ray... things will suddenly move.

LB and CM coming and maybe a striker if he'll accept £30k a week and not the £40k he wants, although i imagine our fans won't be over enthused by him.

Can you name some names WC? Or even just their initials 

Wish i could... wish i knew them my self lol... Twitter feeds are useful tools... if I get anymore I will fling it up...

I fancy the striker could be Ex Sunderland Striker Jones and Hutton could be heading the other way.

So the Jones link could have some legs then...have to say that personally I would find that an underwhelming signing but if Lambert thinks he can add to the team then I'm not going to argue! Here's hoping Jones proves me wrong (if it is him that joins!)

Given the choice of Jones or Hutton earning £30k a week in our squad i know who i'd rather have...

Can someone please direct us to this fantasy football?

Dufrais, I wrote and article about this a while ago and got completely written off by the aston villa tinted glasses. 

Last season the problem was we were too nice too play, particularly in the middle of the park, with petrov and jenas out and makoun on loan we had to rely on youth to sit there, and all i heard was gardner this and herd that. Whilst these two academy products maybe talented, in the premiere league you need to bed one or two youth in at a time and not have to field the lot of them because of the small size of the squad. 

I love what lamberts done so far, we look better to watch, ireland looks interested and he's shifted some more deadwood. 

However I am worried about a few areas: CM - el ahmadi has suddenly become a vital player for us, if he gets injured, in that sitting role we're suddenly asking an inexperienced and lightweight player to play in there. Secondly we don't even know if el ahmadi will adapt to the prem immediately, these things take time, you can't just come from the deutch league and automatically be the lynchpin of a big side - id love to be proved wrong! he looks talented, adds some bite and can pass the ball, i just hope he's already up to prem pace. need to replace makoun in this window!

CB - with dunne out, we have vlaar and clark, whom on paper should complement each other well. But what happens if vlaar gets injured - we're back to that awful o'leary season where we had two youth's at cb and nearly ended up going down. we need another player here, in this window!

Left back - warnock is off, needs replacing, lichaj is good back up for either side, but not a starter, i rate lowton on the right. another signing needed. 

Winger - we have holman, nzog and albrighton (injured) ideally one more body in there, but as lambert doesn't seem to play with wingers as per se, i think we'll wait till jan.

striker - we have gabby bent wiemman and the fonz - i've never seen anything from the fonz that gets me excited. wiemann is good but raw. gabby is effective but currently injured. the onus is again on bent - another sigining needed. 

I will be slightly worried if we don't sign a left back, a cb and a cm before the window is out. A striker and winger would be nice, but can't see 5 more signings coming. Unless makoun, warnock and hutton out will cover 3 signings. with money for two more.

don't want to sound negative, really excited for season, and at least the football should be attractive, I just think the squad is at least 3 players off my comfort level thats all. remember they say you have to spend just to stay where you are - i dont want to stay in 16th.



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