The squad is lightweight, some players are inexperienced in the premiership and we are already suffering injuries to key players before the season has even kicked off.  All we need is a few more to join that list (Bent for instance) and we could be in serious doo doo and be relying on youth/reserve players all over again.

Sorry, if I've bought a little negativity to the forum for once as everyone seems to be in a state of euphoria with PL our new saviour taking us to the promised land but for me he hasn't done an awful lot apart from shipping players out and not bringing enough in. We need at least a backup for Bent (goal scorer), more muscle in midfield and to seriously strengthen our floppy defense.

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Remember that most of the opposition don't have depth in terms of quality. Yes, if we can get in another 2 or 3 quality players before the deadline it'll all help. But looking at the teams we face I think the current squad, even with a few injuries, can get enough good results to get us to a respectable position in the table. If the current squad faced Norwich, for example, I think we'd have a good chance of a win, not the dismal loss at the end of last season.

only cause we nicked their manager though :-)

on the Jones link. I have no problems with having a new Trinidadian at the club. Give him the  no. 18 shirt and all will be ok :-)

oh no, i just sent an email there yesterday to my mate who is an Arsenal fan about Van Persie leaving. I was joking that at least they have Chamakh!

Won't I look silly, if we get him on loan :-(

hang on a second, i thought you didn't like strikers that didn't score goals? Chamakh is hardly prolific is he?


wikipedia says he scored 57 goals in 230 appearances for Bordeaux.

Incidentally, Wikiepdia says that Gabby has scored 54 in 217. 

Chamakh could be a good foil for Bent he can do all the things for a forward he can link up play,hold up the ball and score with his head and feet.

I remember the game at VP when Arsenal beat us 4-2 and he was excellent. And the last season because Van Persie was in great form he never really got a run in the side.


but Gabby scored 15 goals, two seasons in a row for us (in a much tougher league mind you as well!, at about the same age (if not younger!).

all in all, i would say that the two players, goals to games ratio anyway, are very, very similar. 



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