Adebayor says if he got lower than he is at Tottenham he'd be dead

Emmanuel Adebayor hasn't made an appearance so far for Tottenham Hotspur this season, his only involvement being sitting on the bench for a Europa League game. He's clearly not part of Andre Villas Boas' plans and he's got the hint that the club see no future for him at White Hart Lane.

With a one striker approach it's hard to see a way back unless a plague of injury hits the club and even then it may be more likely that Villas Boas would use a non-orthodox striker rather than throw in the Togo man.

He's brought much of it on himself, the usual trick of playing for a contract worked and Tottenham signed Adebayor permanently in August 2012 after he'd spent a season on loan from Manchester City. In his first campaign (on loan) he scored 18 goals and made a further 12 but last season he only managed to hit the back of the net 8 times and get 1 assist.

Speaking to The Sun he's said "I cannot get any lower than this. If I'm lower, it means I'm dead. It cannot be any worse than this for me."

Adebayor has suffered personal heartbreak with the death of his brother and a culmination of other problems, several very much his fault, have left him out in the cold. He knows he needs to find a way out of his current issues and that's likely to be away from his current club.

He's still only 29 years old and should have a good few years left in him but Tottenham have found it hard to offload the player and that situation may continue, leaving everyone in limbo.

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I read 'If he got any lower than this I'd be..." I thought it was going to say 'taking a pay cut' , but no it is still all about him.

While I despair at Ade's self destructive mercenary streak as much as the next Spurs fan, I can't help but think that the player we had on loan a couple of years ago would be the missing ingredient for our current team. A goal scoring, assist providing front man, who unlike Soldado and Defoe can actually link play and contribute to a coherent passing game, as well as providing a physical presence in the box. I think its a mistake to not even give him a chance to see if he can recapture that form. I know his history and realise he usually only plays for a contract but think AVB is foolish not to give him game time in the Europa to see if he has the desire to fight for his place.  I think he might, if only for his own selfish needs. I believe  AVB made a similar mistake discarding BAE so soon as well. We are solid at the moment and full credit to AVB and the players for getting results but unless we start scoring more goals there is a danger that we will lose our current momentum. Soldado and Defoe for all of there merits are not suited to the lone role up front and couldn't play with each other so we need another option.

Adebuymore needs to understand two things that obviously his mum and dad did not. Here they are. Ada I hope you are listening because you only have one soccer life (up to approx 30 years old)

1. Your attitude determines your altitude (yes you can be great if you get you head out of the mirror:-)


2. Success only comes before work in the dictionary!


3. When the student is ready the teacher I hope you are listening mate or you will end up with a lot of money but poor in spirit.


Your friend Bobby.


P.S. You can still be great, just change your attitude:-)



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