Adnan Januzaj's dad contradicted reports in English press about son's future

Adnan Januzaj has a lot of decisions to make and probably needs to start making them soon. He still hasn't signed a new contract with Manchester United but his agent Dirk De Vriese put a hold up in talks down to the exit of Sir Alex Ferguson and everything which happened after that. De Vriese did confirm that other clubs were interested but gave no indication that Januzaj had any intention of leaving Manchester United.

Even once that matter is out of the way there's still the rather large issue of which country the 18 year old is going to represent. He's had no youth international experience, which many of today's top players found beneficial, and a decision on who the youngster will represent is being left until he's a member of a first team set-up at a football club. He's arguably there now and there had been claims in England that Albania was the most likely country, but those have been denied by the country's FA.

The Daily Mail said this week:

'There are also question marks over Januzaj’s international allegiances, with the player eligible to represent four countries. He was born in Belgium to Kosovan-Albanian parents, while his heritage also allows him to play for Turkey and Serbia. 

It is understood that Januzaj has repeatedly turned down call-ups in the lower age groups for Belgium, with his family and friends keen for him to represent Albania.

He will soon be forced to choose between following the wishes of his family with Albania or seeking the opportunity to play at major international tournaments with Belgium.'

That came as a surprise to Ilir Shulku, the secretary general of the Albanian Football Federation, who said he discussed it with  the player's father eight months ago and was told the opposite. Shulku spoke to Albanian TV this week, picked up by Gazeta Express, and explained "There is little chance that Januzaj will play with Albania in the future. The door is open for him at any time but judging by the way negotiations have gone so far we should be realistic about the situation.  During a conversation we had with the player's father eight months ago he said Januzaj's family have no interest in him playing for Albania. 

"Eight months ago we met personally with the father of the footballer. We talked to his father but he said there was no interest from Januzaj to play for Albania. I cannot for certain say what is the desire of the player but his family, however, made clear their position.

"Januzaj is a great talent and we'd welcome him in the future but I decided to explain his situation because things have become more complicated with press coverage and the idea was created that he'd chosen Albania officially, but the fact is that ins't so." 

The explanation from Januzaj's dad to the AFF couldn't be more different than what was reported by the Daily Mail, meaning either that the English newspaper really have no idea and were taking a punt, have bad information, or the Januzaj family are changing their mind on this almost daily.

Manchester United will hope that this situation over the youngster's international future doesn't also hold up his choices on club football. The Belgian FA would be very happy to have Januzaj too and this week Sport Wereld included him in a list of players who could go to the World Cup. It must surely be considered unlikely he'd manage to get into the very strong squad, but Belgium could use the carrot of a good chance of going to Brazil as reason to choose them.

The young footballer's head must be spinning. 

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