All out attack? A thumping victory or more insipid, dull football.

Last week was great, midweek a waste of time and the first team rested. A big week says the boss.

Let's hope we now find some form and reproduce the Barnsley performance.

I still have hope!! 

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According to Bruce's latest interview, along with excuses as to why we've been so defensive, we are now going to become an attacking side playing 4-4-2, which is apparently his favourite formation. So what was the 3-5-2 about?

Hope we do, but I don't buy it. We could have played 4-4-2 before, but according to Bruce we didn't have the players; I think we did. And there's more to becoming an attacking side than just saying we will become one. I'll only believe it when I see a string of good results. It's more likely the wheels will come off.

Looking to beat Forest and beat them well. But not convinced. Really is last chance saloon for Bruce.

1-0 HT Adomah, nice one.

1-1 10 mins into second half. We should be walking this.

So, 2-0 FT. We have Hourihane to thank. Could only follow it on the BBC text. Sounds as though we were under the cosh for most of the second half.

A win's a win, but still don't rate Bruce. He needs to win the next 2 as well.

I think things are looking up. IF and it's a mighty big word that IF, but if we can win the other two winnable games this week, Burton and Bolton, we will be in good shape.

We need to stay hard to beat and make the draws into wins. Simple!!

It's good that Adomah and Hourihane are playing and scoring. But we came very close to letting it slip. We shouldn't let teams like Forest take over once we've got a lead.

A bit nervy but a confidence boosting win. Kodjia and Snodgrass still coming up to match fitness so they will improve and make us a better attacking threat.

Whelan still not convincing but I think he'll come good and allow Hourihane to go forward more. Jedi will do the same when he come back. Defence generally good but need the protection Jedi brings.

Davis getting better each game as he learns and Adomah was good again. No real impact from the subs which is a concern.

A win is a win .

Very very slowly my mind is changing about Bruce if this rum carry's on for 2/3 more gams's that will do my confidence in him the world of good .





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