Today's race in Brazil saw Webber get his first win of the year and only the second time he has finished above his team-'mate' Sabastian Vettel this season. Vettel in his Red Bull dominated F1 this year which made the return to Brazil as the final race on the calender rather anti-climatic having been secured the championship 4 races ago in Japan.


It's next years TV coverage that has got me thinking.


When news broke that coverage on the BBC was to be reduced in favour of full coverage from Sky, I like others was a little disheartened. The BBC have been great since it picked up the rights in 2009, the interviews, analysis and on-screen chemistry between the guys has been superb. It was inevitable that sooner or later the most glamorous of sports would soon succumb to to the money mitts of SKY.


To pass judgement now would be wrong, but things are looking good for F1 fans. F1 will have its own channel! Free to current Sky Sports subscribers, Sky are clearly dedicated to F1.

My first worry about F1 going to Sky was the possibility of advertisements returning during the race, harking back to the days of F1 on ITV. I was worried as to who the new presenters and commentators were going be and how they'd compare to the current BBC crop. I couldn't help but smile when I found out via Twitter Martin Brundle is making the switch to Sky. The key factor in his switch being uninterrupted coverage. Brundle's column in the Sunday Times read,

"In 2012 I will be working with Sky Sports F1 television,

The fact that their newly-announced and dedicated F1 channel will have no in-race advertising was a key factor, but most importantly I need to commentate on every race live.

Recorded and delayed sports television doesn't give me the adrenalin fix I crave.

There will also be more airtime for the technical features I so enjoy crafting.

It's been a privilege to be part of the BBC team, but now I have a new motivation and challenge."


With Brundle on-board, Steve Ryder seen working on some interviews for Sky in Brazil and the expected arrival of David Croft to commentate with Martin, the teams looking good. 


The BBC have confirmed this evening that DC and Jake Humphrey will continue at the Beeb, it is rumoured Jake was approached by Sky to anchor their F1 coverage. No confirmation on Eddie Jordan as yet.


I'm now looking forward to Sky's coverage of F1. I just hope that in a years time I'm not sat writing an article about how much I miss the Beeb's coverage.

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