I like every other united supporter loved Scholsey, marvelled at his passing and vision, amazed by his control and some of his goals were amazing. Some United fans are screaming from the roof tops that we have to replace the irreplacable, this scenario reminds me of when Keano left the club, everyone screamed again from the roof tops that we have to replace him again he was irreplacable. When you look at it more closely scholes and keane towards the end of their united careers could not bring to the field what the once did. The manager rather than looking for a direct replacement for Roy brought in a diffrenttype of midfielder i.e Carrick love him or hate him he has done a good job for united maybe not in the captain fantastic, brute force 100 percent inspirational style of keane but done the job in a more conservative way. It must of been hard to follow in Keanos footsteps, so do we learn from this maybe going out to buy a sneijder or nasri isnt the answer in this case maybe just maybe if given the chance Anderson can step up to the bench mark set so high by Scholes and if he is not up to the job this year maybe use Ando as a stop gap in hope that young Tom Cleverly can fulfill his undoubted potential, Sir Alex has never let us down before

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Anderson is a different kind of  Players and man to PS - we need a bit of subtlety to get pats the best defences
i agree if we get sneijder that would be great, but like you i dont think its the end of the world if we dont get him, good stats aswell to back up the argument thanks for the reply
Nobody is paul scholes. Not even the names being touted. What we want and frankly need is anderson, granted an in form one. Anyone watch his game will see he has the vision, its execution which improves with time. Add to that the tenacity he has, his natural ability to move the ball foward he will be fantastic.

Scholes, becks, keane, giggs cannot be replaced. Becks left, assist master hardworking set piece, replaced with ronaldo, a dynamic goalscoring wide player. Keane and his tenacity, workrate and leadership replaced by carricks efficiency. We are moving forward. We have done it pretty seamlessly. In fact an argument can be made that holding on to keane too long led to our slump during chelseas rise.

Anderson was bought to replace scholes, now scholes is gone he should be given the chance to

I agree. Out of Anderson, Cleverley, Pogba, Morrison and Tunnicliffe I find it hard to imagine we won't have at least two excellent midfielders in the next few years.



i agree the future is bright, granted if Anderson dosnt step up this year we maybe a little short in creativity in the middle of the park but out of the 5 you mentioned chances are as you say 2 will come to the top
If you dont give the chances due to the likes stated by DeadRevel, how are we to know that amongst them maybe we can unearth a new diamond. Anyway,I have faith in SAF as I have faith when most everybody want his head.GO SAF GO.
You are definatly right Red, Ando was bought to replace Scholes and has unbelievable potential, had a few great games towards he end of last season and i suspect he is going to have a great season

to be honest I think people have been saying we've needed an attacking midfielder for years


I don't think it's anything to do with Scholesy retiring - if he'd stayed on for another year I think most of us would still be expecting something new and fresh in the middle of the park

"maybe use Ando as a stop gap in hope that young Tom Cleverly can fulfill his undoubted potential,"


lol... Anderson has shown far more potential than Cleverley. And he's only 23 (2 years older).

if you read the post properly i tipped Ando to step up and stated only if Ando dosnt step up to the mark use him as a stop gap for tom rather than shelling out 40 plus million, I hope and suspect Anderson will step up this year he is a fantastic player but need him to find consistency
Wasn't Hargreaves bought as Keane's replacement?

yeah and he would have been arguably better than Keane if it were not for injuries :(

Our best central midfielder the year we won the CL, if only...



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