Anderson- "I have the qualities to be player of the year"- April 2011

I was very happy with the performance today! Even away from home to a team that had a ruthless thug up front, to play the way we did was special.

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I thought it was excellent, didn't think it would be that easy but we played very well and were very attacking away from home.


Anderson was excellent, if this continues then many will have to eat their words. Again.


He's just so much fun as well, love that part of his attitude.

He's completely changed my opinion on him this season - before now, i honestly couldn't see anything to be overly excited about. (But please note I didn't start any articles or articles attacking him, I can't stand people who call for player's heads) But my god has he played well so far, he's got a new (?) attacking flair that i've not seen from him.

Posters have said he had what it takes, I inwardly disagreed- outwardly stayed silent, but I now see how wrong I was. Long may the form continue for him and the team. Especially as he's one of my FF players haha
He seems to be full of confidence right now when in the past there seemed to be frustration in his game. Agree?

Very much so, the run of games is definitely doing him good.


AND! He hasn't picked up an injury which is always a major worry with Anderson. Looking slimmer too but that arse aint ever going to shrink.

Maybe he has "discovered" his innate Samba flair :P

But just watching him, he is having fun, has relentless energy, and unlike some creative players, is not afraid of tackling hard or being tackled hard.

I hope he starts scoring some goals and getting some assists soon too, and long may his current form continue

Does Anderson bring in the points on FF? He's crucial to the game at the moment, but it seems mainly in the build up not directly linked to goals and therefore points?
Bit like Modric then!
Yeah that's exactly what he does, he gets involved but never gets the glory for it. He does get a few from the top 3 player points. He guarentees you around 5 a game i suppose, banking on him having a stormer this season.

I'm loving the way we're playing this season. As successful as we've been over the last couple of years I've always felt that we could do more in terms of our attacking play. However, the way we have started the season is beyond my wildest expectations. Even if we had signed two world class CMs I would not have expected us to play as well as we have done, based on how we have played over the last 2 years in that position.


The way Ando is playing now is exactly how we all hoped (and expected) that he eventually would when the idiots were slating him and Nani on 606. We'd seen enough glimpses of form to know that he was our most talented CM. Shame about Clev though as he was also exceeding expectations considering how young he still is. But the main difference for me is that Fergie has obviously told his CMs to get further forward and play with a quicker tempo. Phew, what a difference!


Kevin Davies was bang out of order today. It annoys me that the Bolton players bragged during the week that they were going to "get amongst" our young players physically and then we see two examples of assault from one of those players that should have seen him red carded after 10 minutes. If the officials had any balls they would have red carded him and the club/manager should be charged with failing to control its/his players. Fergie gets punished regularly for comments that he makes about refs and then managers get away with sending their players out to assault the opposition. I would give Davies the benefit of the doubt if he hadn't basically told us in advance what he planned to do...

Yeah, good point, he's got more yellow cards than anyone else playing in the Premier League, that's his game and why he basically did naff all once booked.
Gives you an idea of his IQ level when he says he is going to give Phil Jones a "going over", but then gets the wrong guy. o.O



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