Anderson- "I have the qualities to be player of the year"- April 2011

I was very happy with the performance today! Even away from home to a team that had a ruthless thug up front, to play the way we did was special.

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Did he say that? What an idiot, I didn't see the quotes.


Apart from those rash tackles, he did absolutely nothing in the game. You don't gob off like Johnny Big Balls unless you then follow it through.

Im never one to say "i told you so"


so im going to enjoy (in silence) the growing ando appreciations society.


we're awesome, arent we :)

That silence is deafening ;)
If Cleverley has broken his foot, Anderson gets an injury and Fletcher takes a while to get back to his best... Shall I just stop thinking about it and hope it doesn't happen? Probably. It's hard to keep the pessimistic side of me quiet when things are going so well. 

I remember the arguements I and a lot of others used to have with people about Anderson on BBC 606. Looking back, I have to say that I'm feeling a certain amount of satisfaction right now. If he becomes consistent with his performances he'll be in with a great shout of being included in the PFA Team of the Year.


Anderson son son,

He's better than Kleberson,

Anderson son son,

He's our midfield magician,

To the left, to the right,

To the samba beat tonight,

He is class with the brass,

And he shits on Fabregas!

Hmm, if you remember his car crash last year, that must have had a big effect on him :(

I am still shocked some people said, oaah cantona guy, on 606 said Anderson had 0 talent and that there was nothing in his game. Always had extreme faith in Nani and Anderson, and always knew they would be top, top players at Utd. Anderson has it all, defensively strong, strong, very quick, intelligent, good long and short passer and he has great through balls. It was only a matter of time before it all clicked. He is still just 23, so will further improve and all he needs is a injury free season. He is by far our best CM and the only CM I want to be seeing playing every game.


He is no where near his true level, he has just had a few games, he needs more games and a long run in the team. He is one of the main reasons, we never signed a top midfielder.



I think after Anderson's first season, people were a bit too expectant of him. He's suffered from some bad injuries and a car crash and when, as a result his formed dipped, fans were all too eager to jump on his back, but towards the end of last season he was playing well, and I think the fact we have a much more balanced and energetic side this season, benefits his style of play.

We have started very well, and play like we, the fans expect United to play. It's fast attacking football but it's also good quality and at times beautiful to watch.


I'm not saying that the car crash wasn't serious but how exactly did that affect his form? Just curious...


Imagine if you went through that, then tried to be exactly the same at work as you were before. It can really shake someone up, something like that.




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