Anderson- "I have the qualities to be player of the year"- April 2011

I was very happy with the performance today! Even away from home to a team that had a ruthless thug up front, to play the way we did was special.

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Perhaps - I don't mean to belittle what he went through, I'm just not sure how exactly it would have affected his form. I actually thought he played quite well last season but his form was affected more due to not playing regularly imo.


I only ask because we fans often turn into amateur psychologists as we ponder the reasons why certain players lose form. E.g. Roo's form was believed to be partly due to his marital issues, etc.


Having never played professional football I can't speak sensibly about what can and can't affect a player's form at that level. However, my own form has fluctuated over the last 20-30 years and I can't honestly say that I always know why that is...and that's my own form I'm talking about, let alone someone else's! All I can say for sure is that my form is most affected by fitness, injuries and whether or not I am playing regularly. These things have always had a far bigger impact on my own form than family issues, women issues, career issues, etc.


I would have thought that, if Ando was that shaken up by his accident that it affected his form over the course of a season, then he probably would not be picked to play in the first place until he got over it after a period of rest and/or therapy....Just speculating though.

Yeah, it wasn't so much, that the crash was a reason for his lack of form, just a factor, that may or may not have contributed, like you said we can become amateur psychologists. It was more of a case of, he's been through a bit, injuries etc. So, a few bad performance shouldn't be seen as him being a bad player, just simply a dip. I also, think he played well last season, but many other fans didn't.

As for Rooney, considering he was pretty much fit all season, and was played regularly, except that period just after the world cup, his lack of form, I believe was more down to the affair issue than anything else.

What poor form? In every home game Anderson played last season, he played very well and even had some man of the match performances, remember against Valencia and Shalke. The issue with Ando last season and the rest of the team for that matter was, his away form. He like most of the whole team played poorly away from home. Ando was good last season but he was just recovering from a terrible lay off. This season he is slowly improving with games.
Anyways, I was at a game yday, as I am in Maroc, I went to see my cuzins, team play in the CAF champions league. It was Wydad, of course the football is not amazing, eventhough, they play alright, but the atmosphere, was amazing. We went into the stadium at 3PM and the game kicked off at 7:30. For near 7 hours it was just constant singing and it was great and there was 80,000 people in the stadium by 6:30. The game finished 1.1.
Maybe...but don't forget the ankle injury that he had. No he didn't. Yes he did....etc!



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