Three brilliant examples yesterday:


- Running around like a headless chicken and celebrating like he'd won the Champions' League when scoring in the warm-up


- Swinging his arms around and dancing like a crazy man trying to get the crowd up when coming across to take a corner in the first half


- And, most amusingly and effectively, trying to fake out Szczesny by mimicking his movements and pulling faces at him whilst stood in the wall before Rooney's freekicks (I don't know if it was shown on the TV coverage and can't find a video of it yet, but there's a photo here


Absolutely hilarious!


Not a bad performance either!


It looks like he and Cleverley can form a strong partnership in the centre. They are both harrying hard workers, can tackle and play their way out of trouble, and can be effective going forwards. The way one will sit whilst the other ventures forwards beyond the ball reminds me a little bit of the old Scholes - Keane partnership.

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Its great to see ando finally finding his place in the team. Looks like a great character to have around.
Ando is such a quality midfielder.
Sczcesny's little twist to the left then right was hilarious, he just looked like a pillock and it didn't work
Anderson is a joy.

Loves the game and likes a bit of fun. He's great on Rio's video diary too.
Any idea what the Nesquik bit was about? What was he trying to say?

What i'd love to know is how many people who have commented on this article genuinely wanted rid of Anderson in his first three years at the club. As usual, Fergie knows best and he's put in some excellent performances in pre-season and so far this season. I'd love to know what they make of him in Brazil and how close he is to making their squad.


At Porto Anderson was an attacking midfielder making bursting runs into the box and scored a few goals, his first couple of years at United (before his injury) he was asked to play in a deeper defensive role and he seemed to really struggle barring a couple of great performances against Arsenal and Liverpool. It seems he has benefited greatly from both these experiences and managed to combine the two to play as a 'proper' central midfielder. 

Also, i love the way he seems to always seems to have a massive smile on his face and there have been a few instances where he has 'clowned around' before which made me chuckle. Carling cup final against Spurs when he scored the winning penalty he danced when any other player would have been running about screaming their head off and after collecting his medal he was marching behind some Army personnel who were marching off the pitch.



"What i'd love to know is how many people who have commented on this article genuinely wanted rid of Anderson in his first three years at the club."

Surely not anyone on here...

But probably the same idiots who wanted rid of O'Shea and Fletch five years back and Nani and Berba before their spectacular seasons last year.

I also tend to find these are the same people who now berate Fergie for selling Pique and Rossi, despite the fact they said nada about hanging on to either at the point at which they left (without even considering they were both surplus to requirements and one at least really wanted to leave).

Yeah, we've got some really grateful fans!
Good points.

Give rossobianchi a medal.


Some of our 'supporters' are a disgrace. I wish I had saved some of the articles on 606 where some people were calling for his head.

Was sat directly behind Sczcesny when ando walked up with his ear to ear grin. Gave us all a good laugh, that.  
Happy to see him playing well and enjoying his football. 



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