Why do Liverpool fans berate Andy Carroll so much?
We all know that he is a quality player. Yes we all know that till now he hasn't justified his fee of 35m but we can have patience. Now some of Big Andy's attributes are Power, strength and hold up play and his sweet left foot. He is big and strong and holds up the ball pretty well. And my goodness what a sweet left foot he has. I think he has the best left foot in the league bar maybe RVP. Most defenders feel scared defending against Carroll because he is such a good finisher and has great ball control.
Now some Liverpool fans say that he just isn't good enough. I disagree. Yes he may have been outscored by Peter Whittingham and Michael Chopra in the Championship but we all know that they are quality players with grit. No shame in coming second to them.
I feel Carroll can be better than Drogba and Ibrahimovic. He has great vision and is pacy and the is tall. I am sure if Messi was given the choice of choosing his attributes he would choose his height, strength an heading ability. After all being tall helps you survive in the PL.
So I feel that you should stick with him for a few years. Now you had Heskey and Crouch in his mould. Now even if he becomes half the player Heskey was in his prime you have some beast in your hands. Forget the 35m. He will be worth more than that. Kenny has a record of being quite astute in his dealings and Andy will prove to be an example to that.

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Come on scousers, just accept it that Carroll can be class. What a terrific target man he is!!

He's steadily improving. Hopefully will sure that in the Cup final and look to push on next season and get more goals.

Yeah, Carroll is indeed quality.
His ballcontrol, movement and finishing is mesmerizing sometimes. I can see him breaking Shearers record soon if he keeps up his form. The great man himself has said this.
With assist king Downing feeding him,it can only be a matter of time before he becomes prolific

He has time on his side with him being a young player, he will be given time to improve and I hope he does.

What are you saying? Big Andy is already so prolific. One of the best target men in the world. With assist king Downing and creative maestro Henderson he is sure to improve even more.

Why is this shit not removed from the Liverpool board, some have tried to add a response to get debate going but it's an obvious wum article so can't it be removed?



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