Anger as Man United insist on £52m transfer, Woodward strikes again

French newspaper L'Equipe sound positively annoyed with Manchester United on Sunday. Angel Di Maria should be a PSG player by now according to previous claims from both L'Equipe and Le Parisien, but he's not and L'Equipe say the reason for that is Manchester United's greed.

The Premier League club are said to be holding out for a €75m fee for Di Maria, and this has led L'Equipe to say they're being 'very greedy'. Manchester United want all the money back which they paid Real Madrid last summer and have told PSG those are the terms and also that other teams are interested. Edward Woodward strikes again. 

PSG have no intention of paying such a fee, say L'Equipe, and that isn't just because of fear of future FFP sanction. The newspaper claim that Di Maria wants the move and has already agreed terms with PSG, aside from some small details.

However, L'Equipe are now looking at alternatives given Manchester United's wish to get their money back and Kevin De Bruyne is mentioned as one of those. The Belgian international could win a place on PSG's transfer list, say L'Equipe, but it's thought he'd prefer a move to the Premier League or La Liga, otherwise there's little point him leaving Wolfsburg other than money. 

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