So Ciaran Clark is the next one to go as NEWCASTLE activate his release clause.

Can't even claim that this one is trimming the bill as Clark is our 4th highest paid CB. Our squad is being decimated by these release clauses. I know people aren't a fan of Clark, but fact is we're being left with Lescott & Richards, who've proven how useless they are on much higher wages than Clark, and Okore, who at the end couldn't be asked to play for us because he thought he was better than the club, yeah that's who I want playing for the club. It seems like there is very little activity on bringing players in front and our squad is definitely not competent enough to put an effective promotion challenge together.

Whatever the top brass are doing they need to sort it out, Tony Xia needs to stop embarrassing himself on Twitter and pull his finger out. Get someone better than Paddy Reilly in our recruitment. Get rid of Lescott and Agbonlahor (supposedly Sunderland want Richards and are bidding for him because they're morons). Stop going after a massively overrated overpriced McCormack and go after Wells. Get another CB in, a RB, 2 wingers and 2 striker. 

£30-40m war chest Xia? Once Gueye & Clark deal goes through we'll be in negative net spend at the moment so how's that coming along?

Xia and co have been backtracking quicker than the Brexit campaign.

We're nowhere near ready for a grueling season in the Championship. I'm all for keeping faith & optimism when it's warranted, but if you're not concerned right now then, quite frankly, you're delusional.


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Surprised he had a release clause. Fox again! How not to run a club.

It's not certain he'll go, but my feeling is he will. Not too worried. We have Elphick, Baker, Okore and Toner, and I can't say he's better than any of those.

Think it was Allerdyce who wanted Richards at Sunderland. Believe Moyes doesn't. So, another one to shift.

Whatever, we need a proven striker above all else. On Saturday Gestede demonstrated just how poor he is. Bad positioning, too slow, can't hit the target. We had too many chances which cried out for someone in the box, and there was no one. We're no better off there than last year. Ayew will knock some goals in, but not enough for what we need. somebody to provide leadership in midfield would be good as well.

RDM has as good as said he has some targets in mind for strikers, it's a question of landing them.

I'm keeping the faith for now. If Clark goes it is not the end of the world and should give us a chance of beating Newcastle when we play them!

We need a striker right now, but we do look tighter at the back, let's see how we look at the end of the transfer window.

How do we look tighter at the back?

With a back 4 of Hutton, Okore/Baker, Elphick and Bennett (later Amavi). We looked solid against Boro until the changes were made. I think we will be OK.

Have always! Said Clark is not good enough so glad to see the back of him.

He has a decent header in him,and will get you the odd goal in a set piece, but he's not a dominant CB,too slow and is not the most comfortable on the ball.Goes to ground far too much and usually on a one V one he's turned like old milk.

God knows what "Doctor No" is up too, and yes WHY IS REILLY STILL AT OUR CLUB?


I liked Clark's attitude, he had some good games, but had the feeling he wasn't consistent enough. At his age he needs to be a regular and here he's never nailed down a first-choice tag, so maybe it's better if he goes. Baker's still learning but looks a lot better than a year ago, and reckon he'd get the nod over Clark. Nice to think Newcastle are reduced to feeding off our discards!

Reilly obviously is no longer deciding our signings. Maybe if he's back to doing the job he was originally intended to do then they've decided he's OK. We don't seem to have a director of football yet, so maybe that's a factor.

Seems we're in for Ross McCormack. If he can keep on banging in the goals he did for Fulham then he'd be a good shout. Reckon he and Ayew complement each other.

Baker showed consistently in the past 4-5 years that he makes as many mistakes if not more than Clark, and the criticisms duckies made of Clark are exactly the same one can make for Baker, poor on 1v1s, goes to ground often, v slow and positionally suspect. It's not like he's much younger anyway he's 25? Not going to be making huge improvements.

Bosko we've signed Elphick and let Clark go. We're still in a position where when (when not if), rotation and suspensions come into play, which with a 46 game season they will, we're left with a defensive unit as a whole that is v weak and massively prone to mistakes with let's face it a v poor mentality. Lescott & Richards aren't fighters, they show 0 desire yet they'll have to be called upon throughout the year.

We have no quality RB as Hutton and Bacuna are awful defensively. The only thing that might, might help slightly is if we get a proper winger in and change our style of play so that Hutton can focus on one thing only which is defend as he's incapable of being involved in attacks and doing his job defensively. 

The only good thing about our defence is Amavi being back as he was our best player/signing before the injury. Bennett looks like he's improved but from the pre-season friendlies I've been to watch there's times where he still looks vulnerable to pace and does his trademark rugby tackle.

Overall we need to move quick as you want to hit the ground running in the Championship, and the boys need to get off to a good start to lift their mood.

Can't disagree with you. I said he was better than Clark, but you are correct with all your points on him.

What I should have said is move Baker on too, but the problem we have is Doctor No is not going to replace him.
Baker is! A better player but I'm not accepting this "still learning" excuse!

He's 25!!!!! Played 81!!!!!! Games for us and god knows how many for the clubs he's been on loan to.

He's always injured. Probably not robust enough for top level football.

only thing Baker and Clark have been "good" at is putting their bodies on the line and are big time blockers. However they're normally needing to make last minute block tackles because they've let their man go and get a shot on goal in the first place. Only CBs I'd want in the team at the moment is Elphick and Okore so long as he's gotten over himself and realised he's not going to be signed by a bigger club.

So Gana has gone, saying Villa were only a stepping stone to a move to a big club.

Only just stopped laughing, Everton really?

Although I have been laughing I am now crying at the reality of our situation.

Time to put up Doc.

What Baker's shown over the last 4 or 5 years is irrelevant. He had a slightly shaky start at Bristol City but then settled into a very good season. I think he's a much better player. Can see him and Elphick forming a good defensive partnership. and he doesn't seem to get injured like he used to. The trouble with Okore is he also makes mistakes.

McCormack having a medical at the moment. Reckon it's a good signing; he's the sort of player we've been missing. Him and Ayew are a good match.



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