Regarding the team selection for monday ?

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Nope, except that Bruce has said he's clear in his own mind about how we'll be set up and who will be playing.

Interesting first day of the season today. Good for us. Middlesbrough drew, Baggies lost. Only 2 teams who we might consider rivals did OK, Brentford and Preston. Plus Derby scraping a win yesterday. Swansea and Sheffield U drawing at the moment.

Whoever he picks, some will like it, some won't!

I hope he gives Bjarnaason more playing time, but will he?

Whatever the result today we must not get carried away. The squad is not finished and won’t be until the end of August. Bruce is playing catch up after the restrictions so let’s give him time to build the team again. Tuanzebe back today and a bid in for a left back.

You never know, he may play positively!!!

OK, we won 3-1, but that lineup????  It might work against a newly assembled Hull line up of youngsters, but to me it was about as negative as you can get.

Think it does show though that in spite of the lousy summer we do have a strong squad which knows how to play. Elphick and Elmo getting their first Villa goals, and Cafu only his second with a brilliant one.

Hope this caution was just for this match, and that against Wigan we press forwards more, with younger, faster players. Wigan has to be a win.

Above all Jack has to stay. If the owners don't want to sell and have said we don't need to sell then I don't see why we're still talking to Spurs.

I don't think it was as dull and negative as you make out.

Jack wasnt interested, still don't get the hype over him.

Ad and koj didn't get involved so we were playing with 8 interested players.

I thought with no front attack that was a good .

I reckon with the lineup weighted heavily towards defence, it was always going to be difficult to get the attackers involved. Luckily three defenders showed they could score goals.

Difficult for me to make any constructive comments about the team selection or the performance but I did find it encouraging to see at last some kids getting a run out

& a win to boot !

You all knew that Bruce is a manager that cannot be turned ?

Should have been long gone ! at least we got the season started with a win ?

Cant wait for next home match to see how my mate Bruce reads it.

I’m hoping that the line up was because it was an away game and we’ll be more attacking at home but i won’t be surprised if 352 is the way we go this year. 

Anyone else think the Spurs deal for Grealish is done and we’re not announcing it until we’ve purchased a couple of players (McGinn and the left back) to keep their prices down?

Grealish is a mug if he joins Spurs he will be a squad player at best, if he stays with mighty Villa he can get a runners up or even a play off medal in a year or two under the expert guidance of Bruce, The older he gets the more playing time he will get under Bruce, no of this youngsters nonsense.

I hoped that Elphick would get some games but judging by last night he has no confidence at all and made some dreadful decisions. 

Still it’s a win and we must be grateful.

Redknap (!) said Jack would be daft to go to Spurs; effectively he'll become a squad player as he's not going to displace Ali or Erikson. JT says he hopes Jack stays at Villa and becomes part of a promotion winning team. They're right. Another year with us playing every game will do wonders for him.

The BBC says Spurs are £7m below our asking price. Peanuts to them. As they're bid is believed to be below £20m, that probably means we're asking £25m. What happened to the £30m or £40m which has been talked about?

If he goes for £25m or less it'll be a travesty.

Reckon Elphick just needs game time. He needs to know he's trusted and will get picked.



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