Bored so I thought I'd ask if we have any footballers in the building. It can be at any level, whether you played for your local side 30 years ago or play at semi pro level now, share your stories below!

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Played a few games for Warwickshire at a young age didnt make it now play in a Saturday league for a team based near Coventry.


Bit injury prone at the minute mind, which is never good! When i played last weekend in a pre season game had 2 to my name and instead of netting a 3rd in an decent situation i kicked the bottom of the only defender backs foot and now my foots a balloon! The con's and pro's of being 6ft 6 is your great in the air and clumsy as heck at times on the ground!

sounds interesting! and wow yeah 6ft 6 must come with lots of pros and cons! The centre backs must love marking you... Assuming you're a striker.
Yeah i am, wasnt as a kid, always a left mid then just moved forward, i do get a lot of comments like " F me whos gonna mark this freak etc haha"
I used to play for City.
Tall bastards. I'm not short, ave. actually but I always wished I had a few more inches to my 6' frame. 
Played 5 a sides as lad and then after my family moved us to the states in my teens i played on the local high school team which my dad coached as well. 
I did play at the Uni level at Mesa college in San Diego, Ca  for 2 years as a cam and lw. At the time I had been skateboarding as an amature and was able to pick up a contract  so I put football aside to concentrate on that until injuries put that to an end.  
I have since moved back to the UK and play pick up with mates when I can. 

I am currently part of an exchange in China, teaching English, and a few weeks ago we were challenged by some lower division Beijing team. I'm 36, and a chain-smoker, and haven't kicked a ball in anger for something like 10 years but lined up at Centre-half. They had strips, we had summer clothes. After going down 1-0 after just a few minutes, we thought it was doom and gloom.


However, we held on to half time (when I managed to get a refreshing few ciggies) and we somehow took the lead 2-1. But, we were playing in 35C (and had never played together either mind), so we were crackered with 10 minutes to go and conceded 3 in that time. 4-2 defeat, but the free rice wine and 10 crates of beer afterwards were all worth it!



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