So it is 3-0 to Everton at Half time and we have been dire it has to be said.

Is this it? Are we done? Of course there are still plenty of games left and some teams struggling, but that means nothing if we do not pick up points.

I expected little from this game, but we are being torn apart and not showing any real fight. A spirited second half might, might give us some hope, but I can't see us getting out of this.

Watford next, if we do not win that, then I really think we are down. We could spend 100 mil in Jan, but it might be too late by then.


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Plain fact. Everton were on a different class; the whole team performed to its best and we didn't find any answers. Look at our line-up for the reasons. My guess is that Sanchez was jaded from his journeying so was rested, and Westwood comes on. Remi had to do something about Amavi and Richardson was maybe the obvious choice. And maybe Grealish has done enough in training to see if he can do something creative, more so than Sinclair. But the net effect was something way off what we showed against Man C. I'm struggling to think of any positives and the only thing I can come up with is that Remi now knows what a job he's got (he probably already did) and will have learnt something from this.

What stands out for me is this:

1) Our defence is only OK (not at all perfect against MC but good enough to stop them) if we don't play a weak link in there. Richardson is a hugely weak link. He was, after all, one of the reasons Fulham were relegated. Remi HAS to find somebody else for that spot.

2) I had hopes Westwood might continue to develop. Some hope. We can't afford somebody who stays in his comfort zone. We need Sanchez back in front of the back 4 and build from there. Drop Westwood.

3) Grealish is a luxury we can't afford at the moment. Playing against strong opposition he just disappears.

We need to beat Watford defo. Base the team on the one which drew with MC. But Remi has to find somebody instead of Richardson, and we need more bite in attack. I wish him luck.

Are we done? Pointwise no. But as the OP said, that means nothing if we don't start winning matches.

Great disappointment to lose so badly to a mediocre Everton but just shows how far we have fallen and how many players we pay good money to who are not worthy.

Considering how many left backs we have signed there is something badly wrong with us just now. I have no faith in this Paddy Reilly bloke, what's his back ground?

I think that there are at least two teams who will save us because they are worse, if that's possible, I just hope another team take a nose dive in the second half of the season.

Having said that Remi is our best chance of restoring our team to its former glory, just hope Randy supports him in January and we manage to move on some of the rubbish.
Yes. I think were done. No other team in premier league history has ever escaped from the position were in now.
The only thing that gives me a glimmer of hope is Sunderland Bournemouth and Newcastle MAY be catchable.
Still no sign of Kozak he must have really upset someone.
Yes we are. I have accepted that we will be in the Championship next season. The loss of Amavi was the hammer blow that confirmed it and thanks to Sherwood, we are unable to recall either Cissoko or Bennett from loans.

In a way, we can relax a little. Give Remi the season and see if he can restore a little pride. I think it was Derby who posted the lowest ever points total - we do not want to be breaking that record. At the moment, we are bang on course to do so.
Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.
didnt expect this score. No point in me saying anything the score said it all.
On to the next game.
We have to win soon......don't we?

Well, we'll either be relegated or we won't, that's for sure! Given the position we're in there's not a lot of point in worrying about it.

Looking at MOTD tonight, there's an awful lot of poor teams around. It's in our hands. We have to improve. If we can, we stand a reasonable chance; we're not so far adrift that we can't catch them. If we can't, we're down. Good luck, Remi. Hope you can do it!


MCP - the eternal optimist !

Agreed there are an awful lot of teams around us but they are all above us in the table !

they are all able to secure a win - even an unlikely Sunderland victory - as big Sam says if you cant score just make sure the opposition cant - we can do neither -we cant defend - we cant score goals.

Normally a change of manager can work wonders but this Villa team is so drained of confidence & looks so resigned to the inevitable that makes the survival task seem impossible.


To be honest, i think we are relegated.

I am not sure how Remi can make any difference, as we are on the whole, just woeful. Our league position doesn't lie, the stats over the last four seasons don't lie. We do not deserve to be in the Premier League.

The only hope that we have is that we are not completely adrift - but we are getting close to that now.

Soon it will be the worst team ever in the premier league records that we are breaking. I am pretty sure that our home record already points to that in some way.

It is sad, but that is just the way it is. I am not sure why we went down the recruitment specialist route, or if that was the cause. Either way, we don't seem to have the players to keep us up or the players that we need to perform, are not. 

It is going to be very sad supporting Villa next season in the Championship. The BBC don't even have the rights to it, so that makes it even worse! At this point, I can't even see us coming straight back up. 

Ah well. 

The stats over the last four seasons indeed don't lie; that's why we are still in the PL. There were three more teams worse than us. As to this season, we don't yet know. A couple of wins can make things look an awful lot better.

Don't know if we'll beat Watford on Saturday. Tactically they have the advantage; they don't have to win. But if we do then we could be back in touch with the others, albeit still bottom.

Give Remi a decent chance. I think he very much knows what he's doing. Starting with consigning Grealish to the development squad!

The major problem at Villa over the last 5+ season's has been the same that is new manager's fetched in given a shoe string budget to work with and both owner and fan's expect miracle's to happen overnight .

The player's have to start showing and proving there worth on the field and not in night club's and also player's who have been here a good few season's should now be stepping up and performing above expectation's to justify the mega buck's contract's there agent's have got them .

This situation has not come about over night but has been smouldering away for a significant length of time and to lambast Remi's effort's after 2 game's in charge speaks volume's of some of our fan's mind set . This is a concern to all Villa fan's and finger pointing at the easy target's is not going to help us .

I stand by my thought's on our position and that is we will not improve until Randy has sold the Club to a more interested owner who will not treat it as a Rich man's toy and have a genuine intrest in putting right the multi season's of under investment .

The fact of the matter is if we do not improve and find form we will be relegated and if that happens before a new  owner is found by Mr Lerner well thanks Randy for ruining a once proud Club and consigning it to a shadow of its former glory .



Here's hoping the Lion start's roaring soon !.   

I largely agree with you Rizla but Lerner may just prove to be our saviour. He faces a stark choice.

One/ keep us up by signing whatever is necessary in January and then again in the summer now that we have a decent manager.

Two/ the alternative, stay away, invest nowt and get relegated, losing any chance of a sale and millions of his investment.

He may be many things but he ain't daft and after all it's his money he stands to lose.

It's Hobson's choice, we have reached the Rubicon.

Oh and one more thing let Remi choose the players he wants not this Reilly bloke.



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