As I said earlier ' what has changed' - not a lot yes the defence is tighter but the same problems have not gone away - creativity - wide play for the forwards - again sloppy defending cost us a point ! - we should be used to that now ! our new manager must get 2 grips with this thing that is now ingrown into our play - as Big Sam says if you stop the opposition from scoring then you cannot lose ! it only takes 1 mistake to lose a goal which loses a match because we have no one to find the net - you must admit we never looked like scoring & until this situation is changed we will struggle - if we were capable of scoring goals then the odd mistake is not a major problem cos we will learn - difficult to learn when in a no hope situation but this year is new & our manager needs to get really tough with the people who are making these mistakes ! no excuses for a young goalkeeper - he needs to learn & quick or we could be in  Div 1

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This result was no surprise to me either .

The main point we as fan's must take into account is this is a new manager rebuilding a squad of his choosing and this for any manager at any Club will take time .

The wish of every Villa fan is that we will set about the Championship team's from week one and be promoted back to the Premiership by early in the new year .

The truth is this is a far more competitive league here there are around 8/10 team's well capable of getting promotion add to this that any team playing any of the relegated team's will class them as a prize scalp if they win against them this show's you what Villa are up against this season .

The manager need's time to get the squad playing how he want's them to and also get the new recruit's to gell with the player's that remain from last season .

When this happen's we should see a upturn in our result's and hopefully get a run going that will keep us safe at least or in the play off's or promoted at best .

The defence need's sorting out as well as the creative spark from midfield to supply the forward's which on the face of it once they get a understanding going with the correct supply could be a very good strike force for a Championship side .

The other thought to take on board is that we as a Club have had to endure season's of under investment and half baked idea's on how to take the Club forward on and of the field now we have that millstone removed at last the least we as fan's can give the new regime is a little time to put right the year's of harm done by Learner and his cronies .



To be fair to Gollini it was a lousy backpass from Cissokho which landed him in it. And bad luck the ball bounced off Elphick into the path of the best player on the pitch. Apart from that the defence wasn't seriously troubled by a team which has been a serious contender for promotion for two seasons or more.

But you're right about the attack. We all know it. RDM knows it. The Dr. knows it. RDM can improve the play somewhat, but what he really needs is more new players. And even then it'll take time to bed down.

On the whole, even with Hutton and Cissokho in it, the defence can probably hold its own in this division. But to really make it solid RDM needs to find other players to replace those two. Amavi coming back will help, but I think he'll take 2 or 3 months to get in the run of things. Also, a  stronger midfield would take pressure of the defence, and help the attack.

We're work in progress. Expect to see more progress by the end of the transfer window, but probably still stuff to be done. RDM says it's a 2-year plan which he wants to do in 1 year. That seems realistic.

But to answer your question, I was surprised we lost. We didn't look like losing until that goal. All the prophecies which said Wednesday are a strong team and would walk it were wrong. If that's the best the Championship can offer then we're easily good enough to compete. But to get those consistent results which are needed for promotion we need a step further.

Agree with most of what you have said except the bit about Hutton and Alice, I don't think we will be truly settled until Amvari and even Richards in the absense of someone new are our full backs. I would also add Westwood to that need for change and of course Bacuna, he is simply not good enough.

As to the attack if you play Gestede then you have to cross the ball, otherwise his contribution will be limited.

I thought we did fairly well against Wednesday until, as usual Alice made his poor pass. I also think that the claims about the Championship is tough have been over done, if Wednesday are amongst the best it has.

A bit of tweaking by RDM and we will be fine but one thing Robbie we need Grealish to bed in and to perform, he will only do that if you play him from the start and regularly.

Nope and nor that we lost tonight either.

Better off losing tonight and many other teams are glad they are out too. But next two games are crucial.  

Tonight was infinitely worse than Sunday. Saw danger signals when I looked at the team sheet. Guess that RDM decided he had to play those players to find out now what he has going forwards in a competitive situation. Now he knows. About 3 weeks of the transfer window left. Needs to be used!!!!! Both ways.

Okore was awful. His own goal was unbelievable; a very neat finish as he calmly passed it into the corner of the net. Richards had Richards' huge faults. Both need to go. Gardner's had his chance; he hasn't taken it. Out.

Last Sunday taught us that the midfield needs strengthening, not dynamic enough. Or just plain not dynamic. And we need strengthening beyond McCormack up front. We knew that. Tonight taught us that our defence is hugely dependant on Elphick and we need another quality centreback; Baker's OK but we need more. And Amavi may not the LB we've been hoping.

RDM and Xia know now if they didn't already that we need quite a few players more.

Shocking! Sort it out Dr No or James Bond is going to be on your case, big time.

Well RDM will certainly have learnt something tonight about Okore and Richards! We can almost hold a team that got to the play off final last year and then we bring in these two and ship 3 goals to a League 2 side? Pathetic!

A lot of work to be done as it is clear we do not have the squad to cope with the demands of the Championship. We need some wingers if we're going to play 442. Gestede has proven he can do it in this league but we have to play to his strengths or not play him at all. McCormack is proven as well and I'm sure Ayew could do it if he tried for 90 minutes.

Spend whatever money there is on midfield and defence - 2 wingers, creative midfield, centre back, left back, right back.

I think today might just turn out to be a good thing. This loss will have rammed home in no uncertain terms the failings of the squad, if they didn't know it already.

Get those bids in spend the money and we can move forward.

Yep. Think 5-6 players should do it.

The words "omlettes", "breaking" and "eggs" come to mind. Hopefully tonight was the breaking eggs bit.

I hope this was the tipping point for RDM .

This result show's the quality in the squad or lack of it .

The first 11 may just be able to hold there own this season in the Championship but to hope that none of the first team can play all season without getting injured or suspended is utter folly . 

This result shows that we have a serious lack of quality in the squad to use as replacement's if any first team player's are unavailable for any reason .

The only cure for this problem is to recruit some serious quality player's in all position's not only as back up for first team player's but most importantly add some competition to first team player's for there place's if not then this will end up like last season all over again .

RDM now has to act fast to get in these player's in and get the new owner to put his money where his mouth is via Twitter or not to allow this to happen .

After tonight's performance it has to be out with the old and in with the new for Villa to move forward's 



The thing is, I looked at the team beforehand and apart from Gollini and Elphick, it was EXACTLY the team I wanted. Richards at right back, Amavi, Tshibola, Gardner, Green, Grealish, Ayew, McCormack in an exciting, attacking formation. The first half hour was excellent and we could have been three or four up. Then they score out of the blue and we CRUMBLE - against a League 2 side. We absolutely crumble. Good players with zero confidence and no momentum whatsoever.

Surely it's time to say goodbye to Hutton, Gestede and Okore now, along with Westwood, Bacuna and Cissokho. Sadly, Gardner doesn't look like he will now fulfil that early potential and Green can only be introduced into a confident, winning team. We're certainly not that. McCormack? Looks OK but £14m at the age of 30? Really? Richards? Excellent at right back but awful at centre back. He's surely worth playing ahead of Hutton though.

I just don't know where we go from here. It's possible that our biggest problem is fragile confidence and a 'losing' attitude throughout the club. Whatever it is, we become more desperate with every match. The pressure will be on RDM hugely if we fail to beat Rotherham of Huddersfield. It's possible he could be gone by the end of September. That's how much we need a win.
I've said in posts for months that we need a total! clear out,that this team would not compete in the Championship. Now I'm sorry but if this manager doesn't smell the coffee quickly and clear the decks, while he still can we will be in big trouble. In fact we could drop again.

We have watched this team. They are Sh...t And why is REILLY STILL THEIR? Can someone answer that.



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