Fantastic result for Arsenal but Barcelona were brilliant, they had a goal wrongly chalked off and Messi missed two or three glourious chances, plus there was Arshavin's handball too.

But... this competition you need to have luck on your side as well as being a very good side, Arsenal certainly ticked both boxes last night.

PS - well done to the Arsenal fans too, great noise to create a god atmosphere. Just need to come up with a few songs though lads!

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I think Barcelona took their foot of the pedal a bit before Arsenal scored their first goal.


The pace of the match had dropped at that point which contributed to the Arsenal comeback. The tie should've been over when Messi's goal was wrongly disallowed and as you said he missed some great chances as well. Barcelona should've killed the game off when they were on top but didn't and as a result Arsenal are still in the tie.


Arsenal had some good chances early on, most of them fell to Van Persie who has been in good goalscoring form of late and you would've expected him to take at least one of them. His goal was a goalkeeping error in my opinion. There shouldn't have been a gap between Valdes and the near post.


Koscielny I thought was absolutely excellent. Wilshere, Walcott and Szczesny were all very good to.


I think if the referee had awarded a penalty for Arshavin's handball it would've been harsh. I've seen them given, but I just think it would've been a bit unfair.


I can't see Barcelona making the same mistakes as they did last night at the Nou Camp and Arsenal won't play any differently either so I fully expect Barcelona to turn the tie around and go through to the next round.

I really like their keeper, great attitude and everything.  Has problems with his kicking though but that's better than their other keepers who have problems with their catching.

Barca got robbed.


Arshavin thought he was Maradona at the end, absolutely ridiculous. It seems Arsenal have bought the European refs as well, the stuff they get away with at the Emirates is unbelievable.

Arshavin's celebration was to market his t-shirts:

Wonder if that will kick start a new way of players making money?  Bit similar to clubs having shirt sponsors where players are paid to wear certain tops underneath their shirt in case they score...? hmmm

Worrying.  I remember when some player did celebrations highlighting an online clothes shop run by a mate.  They did an A sign with their fingers.  What next, ads shaved into their hair?


Perhaps something the authorities need to look at before we see Rooney scoring and whipping off his shirt to reveal 'I couldn't have done it without the Marloboro'

That nobhead Tehoue cost me £50 the prick!


Four game accumalator with Milan (2-1), Sevilla (1-0), Barcelona (2-1) and Arsenal (1-1) to win...!!!

All this business about Messi's phantom goal is nonsense, the lino puts his flag up after the double ricochet at which point Messi is offside, no daylight, but offside all the same.


Arshavin's hand ball, missed by all the players, everyone in the stadium and the all the officials but as soon as its on the slomo replay we're all experts lol To be fair though what was he thinking!


Also if it had been Fabregas chipping the keeper or getting through on goal and I'd been here saying well the tie should've been over you'd of all said if you miss you miss.


Great goals from Le Arse and god forbid we actually get a result in the Nou Camp or some of you guys will be posting suicide notes by the look of it!


Best night of my life!! :D


I can honestly say I can't wait to get spanked in Barcelona haha

I don't know you know, as a United supporter I'd much rather we had to play against Arsenal than Barca.
I think you need to watch that goal again if you think it was offside.  And thats taking the ricochet into account!  You do know your not offside if your behind the ball don't you...?



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