Arsenal official at international match as transfer plans finalised

Arsenal and William Carvalho is a story which has been going on for way over a year now. The Portuguese media love a transfer rumour as much as the British media, but there does seem to have been something in the Carvalho claims.

Disagreements over price and, perhaps even more significantly, payment schedule, have been a big thing holding back any potential Carvalho to Arsenal transfer. In July 2014 it was reported in Portugal that Arsenal's wish to pay €30m for Carvalho in stages wasn't right for Sporting, so a deal died.

Since then, Arsenal have scouted Carvalho repeatedly, as well as being linked to, and probably scouting, Ruben Neves and Danilo Pereira of FC Porto. 

Good Friday turned into Bad Friday for Portugal as they lost 1-0 at home to Bulgaria, and Arsenal had an official at the match, confirmed by A Bola. Arsenal will now be at the stage where they're finalising transfer plans for the summer and it was a good chance for Carvalho to impress, but like most of his teammates he disappointed. 

Given the number of his games they've attended over the past couple of years, Arsenal should be William Carvalho experts by now. 

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