Arsenal's Arsene Wenger facing touchline ban for pointing out what everyone else said

Arsene Wenger has been charged with improper conduct by UEFA after pointing the obvious out about the referee in charge of Arsenal's game with AC Milan last night.

Both sides could have had reason to complain about the ref who seemed to be card happy in the first half and then couldn't locate them for much of the second before booking three players in the last five minutes. The game became stop-start and pundits and commentators universally agreed the ref was having a bit of a nightmare.

Wenger said "I was not happy with the referee because I felt he gave many free-kicks in the middle of the park. Every time they went down a free-kick was given for them, and they sensed that very quickly and they used it very well."

Wenger hasn't suggested it was all a fix, or that the referee didn't know what he was doing. He just shared his opinion, when asked, that the referee gave too many free-kicks. Managers often say the opposition got more free-kicks without facing a charge, and unless UEFA have any other Wenger comments up their sleeves it does seem harsh to say the least.

It would be Wenger's third touchline ban in a year and would carry on to the 2012/13 competition. 

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