Arsenal's Olivier Giroud says Huntelaar and Villa rumours played on his mind

Olivier Giroud seems incredibly determined to do well for both club and country, his ambition appears to be out of a pure desire to prove he's good enough at the highest level. He wants to prove that with goals and is very aware of outsiders judging him and what the press say, in both France and England, about his performances.

This evening he'll be playing for the national team against Germany, if he gets picked, and has done several interviews in his own country over the past few days talking about subjects surrounding his career. The latest of which is in today's L'Equipe newspaper edition (see left) and he's asked what he thought about the strong rumours Klass-Jan Huntelaar would arriving at Arsenal in the winter transfer window. Rather than saying he didn't pay any attention to them, Giroud is honest and says he did think about the potential arrival of Huntelaar or David Villa.

"Yes, Huntelaar, but also Villa. The English press speak a lot. The coach is not really conducive to buying in winter. It would be hypocritical to say that I did not think (about it). After, I always thought the coach would give me time."

Giroud is right that Wenger doesn't like buying in the winter if this window is anything to go by, but then sometimes it seems that he doesn't like buying in general. The French striker will have to face competition for his place at Arsenal over the period of his contract and it's a situation he'll have to accept, but he was well aware of his mini goal drought recently.

"A bad period for me without finding the way to the opponent's goal (5 league games without scoring). Then there were discussions on the extension of Walcott who wanted to play at the top.

"Then, facing Newcastle, in the 7-3 victory... I am on fifteen minutes from the end, I scored two goals, missed the hat-trick. But, it's going better."

Giroud is a firm favourite among supporters and perhaps needs to not be so worried about what's happening around him and what others think, and just get on with doing what he does. 

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