Arsenal star says Olivier Giroud lived 'a complicated season' at the club

Olivier Giroud has come in for some stick recently from both France fans and Arsenal fans, but a lot of the criticism has been over the top and unfair.

Much of the backlash against Giroud over the past season has been because he's not Karim Benzema, and that's for both club and country. Arsenal had yet another Benzema transfer saga last summer, as supporters cried out for a new striker, and Giroud was widely seen as an example of Arsene Wenger's failure in the transfer market.

For France, Benzema has been deemed beyond selection because of off the field issues and that's created a lot of anger and division, encouraged by the Real Madrid striker himself, with Giroud getting stick as the man in his place.  

A poorer second half of the season for Arsenal was ridiculed and he was recently booed whilst playing for France, but Giroud has now scored 7 goals in his last 4 games and that's not really much more he can do than that.

Last week the striker stuck up for himself and pointed out he wasn't the only player to have a poorer second half of the season at Arsenal, Mesut Ozil did too. That was seen as sacrilege by a section of Arsenal fans who would do anything to prevent suggestion of Ozil in any way failing or in any way being responsible for his own precious assist statistics dropping off. 

If it takes throwing other Arsenal players under the bus to protect Ozil, so be it. If that Arsenal player just happens to be Olivier Giroud, even better.

Giroud's Arsenal and France teammate, and good friend, Laurent Koscielny has been speaking to French newspaper L'Equipe and was asked about the striker.

Koscielny explained Giroud is very good in the air, praised his shots and general play, and stated he's a danger to the opposition, he added: "True, he lived a complicated club season but, with the Blues, he has always scored."

Olivier Giroud can't be anyone else other than Olivier Giroud, and the last few games he's been a pretty good version of himself. 

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