Yet another pathetic defeat for United at home this season. God knows what has happened to us this season and please don't blame it on the injuries. Blame the tactics and team selections.

     Ok forget about that. I wasn't too keen on this Europa league and all I wanted was that the youngsters should get a chance which they haven't. Now speaking about Europa league how does a club like Manchester United end up in this tournament?

     Now there are a lot of fans on this site as well as many others who think we should support the club through thick and thin, get behind the players no matter how bad they are, blindly follow the managers words as gospel even if he happens to be the greatest of all time. WRONG!! I COMPLETELY DISAGREE. Fergie no matter how great he is has to answer the questions.

     I am a Manchester United supporter. Have been for my whole life. Never have and never will think of supporting any other club. But I have a few questions. Manchester United is a product and I along with 330m fans around the world are it's consumers. I have invested a lot of money and time into the club and if my investment doesn't yield me enough returns I have every right to critisize. Now many idiotic fans say "We are in transistion","We don't have the right to be at the top every time", "We don't spend big", "All is fine at the club". There was one interesting example one person gave on other site. I quote it -

       "I mean, I buy sun dried tomato paste from Tesco every fortnight and it tastes really nice every time. Would it be acceptable if from time to time the sun dried tomato paste was disappointingly bland, not bursting with its usual flavour? No! Would I accept it if Tesco said it was in transition between different suppliers of the raw ingredients, and that I should just be a loyal customer and remember all the good taste experiences I have had with Tesco sun dried tomato paste over the years? No!

And being a football supporter is the same thing, isn't it? We pay our money in return for personal gratification - only in this case in the medium of attacking, winning football rather than flavoursome condiments."


   I pay money and I want results. We have fans who pay 50 bucks for a shirt every year, 1000 bucks for a season ticket, 25 bucks for one United membership, MUTV, other merchandize. Plus we have fans just like me who fly from India, Korea, China, Africa ,US to watch us at OT. A shirt costs almost Rs.3000 in India. Flying to UK to watch us costs me at least Rs.1,00,000. 

       Fans of other top clubs like Barca, Madrid, Milan have top expectations. They expect to win and "with flair". Then why are our fans so leniant towards our performances. WE ARE A ELITE CLUB. We should expect success every f*cking year with great football. TRANSITION SHOULD NEVER BE AN OPTION FOR US. It's not the 70-80's anymore where one could be satisfied with whatever we get. The moment we lower our expectations the Glazers stop investing.

        The club isn't just built around the faithful reds from in and around greater Manchester and Salford. No. Infact we are a MEGA CLUB because of the fans all over the world from Asia, Africa, US etc. These fans or 'GLORY HUNTERS" as some of you say are as much as important to the club than the match day going Reds. 

        As a fan of this great club I expect top quality players. By top quality I mean GENIUNE SUPERSTARS". Big Money signings. I pay my hard earned money so I expect top players at the club. Look at our last few signings Bebe, Obertan, Jones, Young, De Gea, Smalling, Hernandez, Owen. Yes some of them are young and have potential. But where are the big names? Not a single big name!! Don't give me nonsense that we have never signed big names. Rio, Rooney, Veron, Berba were all big names. Even Ronaldo at 12m for a 17 year old was big. There are no genuine SUPERSTARS AT THE CLUB apart from Rooney and Nani maybe. 

        These cheap signings have to stop. I don't say buy big every time but I do expect a WOW signing and to complement him a few cheap and value for money deals like Chicha and Smalling. But if we again continue to buy cheap then I will surely doubt the owners, as a consumer of the product that is Manchester United.

          Another excuse given by a few faithfuls is that we are in transition. FOR A BIG  CLUB LIKE UNITED THERE SHOULD BE NO TRANSITION. A club with a turnover, income, fans and the greatest manager has no transition. So next time don't give me excuses that we are in transition. We had money to spend in summer, in January but we blew it on a 19 year old CB and a left winger who doesn't use his left foot. So that is total negligence from the club's part. Many say we shouldn't just follow Barcelona blindly now. But at the beginning of the season "Getting to their levels" was on the mouths of every United fan including Fergie. Fergie talked a lot about youth and Pogba saying he will get opportunities. But as the season is coming to an end he has got just a handful of them not even 90 minutes. Giggs and Scholes are the first names on the team sheet these days. I genuinely feel we fans are being cheated by the club.

          As Real Madrid, Barca. Bayern and Milan fans expect trophies every year with GOOD FOOTBALL I do expect the same from UNITED as these 5 clubs are the ultimate in the world. Getting knocked out by minnow teams in the group stages is totally unacceptable. I don't say I expect us to win the CL every time but I do expect us to reach the later stages of the tournament every season.

         Now many of you after reading this long article may call me a ULTIMATE GLORYHUNTER. But do I care? No. I invest money and time so I expect returns in form of results and satisfaction.

         It is because of glory hunters like me and millions from foreign countries that Manchester United are such a big and elite club. The same thing applies to Barcelona, Real Madrid, Milan, Glory hunters are as important to elite clubs as the local support. My only point was that we should expect more from the club in terms of returns for our money that includes big name signings, better staff *cough cough Mike Phelan*    and more transparency.     

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As a fan my only request to all the reds is - "Do not lower your expectations.!! "

That is all. Don't just let this season go by giving excuses like transition. As mentioned in the article there is no transition for Manchester United. I still believe we will win the league this year. But unfortunately and god forbid if we don't questions should be asked to Fergie and the club.

Because the only reason we will lose the league is that we do not have WORLD CLASS central midfielders. Our squad depth in other areas is fine. We had money to spend. We didn't.

It was One thing giving the youth a chance. But they didn't for some reasons. Pogba and Morrison were to get chances this season. But they didn't. If Fergie knew their problem regarding contracts then why wasn't an alternative taken? Scholes getting out of retirement was purely a sentimental and haphazard decision and I still stand by it. It potrays to the opposition and the Glazers that we aren't moving ahead.

As I said earlier - The moment we lower our expectations, the Glazers stop investing. Harsh but true. After all they are businessmen.

However if we win the league this year and we sign proper BIG NAME WORLD CLASS CM's who fit into our style in summer and upgrade our staff, tacticians and negotiators I will happily take back my words and say that the club is indeed moving in the right direction.


We are in a transition and if gloryhunting twonks like you aren't happy to be a Utd fan. City can provide you with the signings you crave.

BTW Barca went through a transition prior to dominating the league. The same with Madrid. Engage brain, prior to creating articles. It helps, believe me

Call me a glory hunter if you like. No problem(although I am not but for your self-satisfaction) But remember one thing it is only because of such glory hunting fans across the world that Manchester United are such a big club. Same is the case with Barcelona, Madrid, Bayern, Milan. It's because of fans all over the world that these clubs are a cut above the rest.
There should be no transition at the club. No way. Blaming the transition period for our debacles just smells of chronic mismanagement from top to bottom.
We have plenty of red-tinted fans like you that just cannot see the reality. Yes we are top of the league and look strong but have we planned for the future? These red-tinted fans want Giggs/ Moyes/ Lambert/ Solksjaer as the manager to succeed Fergie. They hate if we go after exotic named foreigners stating that they won't fit into the age old drab 4-4-2 yet they want to sign Rodwell for 20m.
Supporting the club is very good but blind support is bad.

As I said earlier - The moment we lower our expectations, the Glazers stop investing. Harsh but true. After all they are businessmen.


There are some valid points here but also some ridiculous ones, none more so than the one above.

Think about it. If you're still stuck then consider the question: how will the club make money for the Glazers if it is not successful on the pitch?

My expectations have been much lower this season, not because we are in transition (although we are to an extent) but because I don't believe we are that great at the moment so why expect greatness every week? Yes we are top of the league but how good is that league? The top two teams are miles ahead of the rest of the league and yet they have still been comprehensively outclassed in Europe. And the other English teams haven't fared much better.

Perhaps the league itself is in transition? Anyway, look on the bright least we don't have to hear fans saying stuff like "we are the second best team in Europe after Barca" and suchlike. That wasn't true last season and it couldn't be much further from the truth this season.

The thing to remember is that these things can chaange very, very quickly. A shrewd signing, a bit more luck with injuries, a few of our youngsters coming of age at he same time, etc, etc and we could end up being amazing next season for all we know. One thing is for certain, nobody will be more disappointed than Fergie and nobody is more qualified to turn it around.

In the meantime, we might as well win the league, eh?

How will the club make money for the owners if it's not successful for on the pitch.
Manchester United even if they do not perform on the pitch as expected will always be a cash cow for the Glazers considering the size of our club, amount of supporters, history, turn over etc. There was a stat earlier which I am not sure how accurate it is but it said that the viewership of channel 5 increased by leaps and bounds and CL viewership decreased. This shows our influence.
This is just like normal transactions. The owners are happy what's happening and the fans don't complain and everything goes on well. But if the fans start protesting (I have never said that they are very bad owners but they aren't good as well) for lack of funds and ambition shown by the club in the transfer market this will surely make them think about their strategies. It happens that David Gill enquiries about a player and his club refuses. After that no action is taken by us and some else puts a bigger bid and the player is sold to our rivals. I can give you countless examples where such amazing players have escaped because we never showed that determination in the market. Silva is the biggest example.

Manchester United even if they do not perform on the pitch as expected will always be a cash cow for the Glazers.


Wrong - revenues will decline drastically if the team does not perform. CL revenue, league positioning revenue, sponsorship revenue, increased global competition, etc etc all affect the club's finances and are affected by the team's performance.

FYI, Man United is not a product btw - it is a club that provides a service and it is that service which is consumed. If the quality of that service diminishes then so will the demand for it. You cannot sustain a cash cow without maintaining or increasing demand for services.



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