Hello Devils, Villa fan in peace...


Do you like the idea of A Young?

I've never been his biggest fan, he dives and moans way too much for my liking. Very inconsistent from set pieces and going past people. He does have a brilliant work rate and undeniable talent though.


Do you think he'd be good for Utd or not, I have my doubts but wish him well if and when he does leave VP.



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I've seen a few games where he's been excellent and some where he was far from it. He needs to step up and become more consistent. Lots of United fans prefer Nani but he is far better on the right than left side. Nani and Valencia will fight for the right side and I guess Young and Park for the left.

I'm genuinely excited about Young coming because he's a player who I wanted us to sign back when he was with Watford. Young will become an automatic starter on the left and Nani should be the same on the right with Valencia fighting for that place also. That's the way I would like to see it from the start of next season.


I'm like smokin in that I've seen games where Ashley Young has been excellent and others were he hasn't been great however I've seen him play well more often than not. I think he's a player who would certainly relish playing for Manchester United and with better players as well. I can only see him improving under Sir Alex and becoming a very good player for us.

If Nani where to stay (unlikely for obvious reasons) then the Young signing would be a very good one. Nani on the Right and Young on the left. That would give us much needed versatility, as both can swap wings as they have a left foot. Valencia on the other hand is so static and limits us in that respect. The best teams all have versatility in their team and in the big, big games Young, Nani and Rooney can all play left right and center which is key. We do need a new central midfielder though.
Think he'll get of to a quiet start at United though... Took him 6 months to settle at Villa... he is a big confidence player, but never stops working on the pitch.
That's the one thing you can never fault him for, his team ethic and work rate is top notch.
That's always a valuable attribute but the last thing our squad needs is more workhorses tbh!
, even when playing badly.
If Nani stays, I won't care if Young joins or not.
To be fair Young has always shown against United.The 3-2 game,last year when Villa defeated us at OT and again this year at Villa Park.And ferguson has a history of signing players on the base of that.

I'm of the opinion he'll go up a level training & playing with quality players (no offence) much like Yorke did for us.


I think it was 2 years ago 2008-2009 when you were around the CL places he looked very very good. Would I be right in saying that was his best form throughout his Aston Villa career. May have gotten my dates wrong but it was the time when Real were linked with him.

2007/8 season was Youngs best, he got something like 17 assists that season in the league.
Pragmatist, I hope he does but I was far more excited by the Yorke transfer. I always rated him at Villa, thought he was a class act.



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