Well he's proving all the doubters wrong, everyone who said we wouldnt need him or we wouldnt be able to put him anywhere.  Hopefully he can keep it up. 

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Good read there pal.  What's your thoughts on Downing (besides him being a cock)
He's absolutely excellent a shoe in for first choice for England now.
He is too one dimensional.
N'Zogbia was my choice. Gutted we never went for him.

Have you seen him play down the middle?.... he is far from one dimensional. He will have a very high assist rate this season.


It is good to have another English player too.... having a core group of Englsih players keeps the dressing room upbeat.

Not if your Scottish <whistle>
I thought he was good down the middle against us last year.

He cuts in, runs at the box direct, can cross from far out or at the byline. Of course he's not one dimensional.







Ronaldo, Ozil, Sanchez, Inesta, Thiago, Messi, Villa, Alonso. Amazing players, D Maria. Just amazing. Think my heart is going to stop. 

I thought he was ok. To be honest, if the result had been 1-1 I would probably be furious with his performance, simply because he was a little too predicatable.


Am I the only one who thinks that if he does not do something within the first, say 4 seconds of receiving the ball, he starts to look a bit lost? He caused an own goal by receiving the ball and straight away turning and firing it in. But the times where Reid was with him, he either blocked it, his delivery didnt beat the first man, or he just ran out of ideas and passed it back.


I'm not criticising him, maybe thats just the player he is, but against tougher defences he might very well go missing.


Plenty of time for improvement though...

I couldn't disagree with that more. Just wrong in so many ways.
I think he did alright, wasn't expecting him to come to United and suddenly become Messi, we've all seen what he can do for Villa, some good runs, a few decent crosses. Was getting frustrated by his constant need to switch to his right foot to cross, but overall had a better game than Nani on the other wing.

So Far Ashley Young has apparently improved by 25% and dropped a few pounds since his move to United....


Young is a good player, we all told you before he came that he'd be a regular pick for you, but all we heard back was Nani this Nani that. Young will be a star for you this season, on and off the ball.



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