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I agree. He is a Man U player now, but it's sad if all the hype and publicty has caused them to split up (if that's what they have done).


Maybe he couldn't afford the cost of the wedding anymore LOL :-)


Well Ryan Giggs and Wayne Rooney will be pretty good at helping him won't they.

Strange that calling his wedding off.
Maybe he read some of the less than complimentary remarks about the bride to be's looks on here - the lad's got a huge ego after all.
Maybe he went to specsavers, just in time aswell.

Yeah - I heard he went and had his eyes lazered for the wedding and when he got home he thought he was in the wrong house! LOL


She is a real munter though.

Is a bit weird. I don't see why he would  find that woman attractive at Aston Villa but not now he's moving. Maybe he is just postponing it instead of cancelling. Or maybe SAF included in the contract that players should stay single now after all the mess caused by Rooney and Giggs. Young was probably classed as 'high risk' for tabloid scandal due to the perceived unattractiveness of his wife. :/



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