Ireland to Liverpool £7m

Gabby to Sunderland £10m.. but MoN would pay £16m lol

Warnock to Sunderland £2.5m


Moses from Wigan £8m

Holt fro Norwich £4m

Rhodes from Huddersfield £6m

Hmmm... think the press know about as much as we do lol

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I thought Moses was on a free?

still got a year left on his contract Dunney...

World Class,

How are you Mate, I'm happy for both my clubs AVFC and Man City.

City for obvious reasons as I was at the United and QPR home victories and we took the title.Didn't get home till God knows what time and was in Wonderland for a few weeks after that.

Villa because we now have a decent manager in Lambert and a real chance to put 2011/2 behind us. Hoping to see a lot of Villa games this coming season. Sad if Gabby goes.

Keep in touch Mate renshawtang98@ntlworld.com if you want to contact at a personal level.


Seriously I think that a move for Gabby would be good for both parties he needs a change.

If MoN would pay £10/16m surely he would pay more than £2.5m for Warnock, he has got to be worth £5m in MoN's world.

probably lol

Unless we're playing with a 5 in the middle Ireland will be pointless in the squad... doesn;t score enough to play behind a striker in a 442, gets lost in the middle of a 442... so why keep him... it depends on system i suppose.

honestly i think TC is right,,,, we have seen all the strings to Gabby's bow... although i think Spinky is right and someone would pay more for him...

agreed... £8-14m considering this is MoN we're talking about lets quote £16m or £12m and Richardson as a LB? or maybe £4 plus Connor Wickham? worth asking lol

You're right; these are all just rumours.

Can't see us selling Ireland unless we've got somebody else lined up, a creative player to sit in the hole, or a class dominating AM.

Gabby suffered, as did other attackers, by McLeish's confused or non-existent ideas about attacking. And he didn't fit into Houllier's way of doing things. But the few times he's played for England he's looked good, and unless Lambert can't see a way to use him I think he'll stay.

Warnock's never really recovered from being shut out for a long time; if somebody else wants him i'd let him go.

Rhodes is the only one of the other suggestions I'm interested in. The papers seem to be convinced Holt is on his way; I don't think it's a good idea but if Lambert did go for him I suppose we'd have to back him.

Mc... Holman and Bannan, it could be argued, can cover for Ireland if he's sold... just saying...

In the right system where he has 3 CM's behind him and he is deployed behind a front 2 I can see him working... but Lambert likes wingers... so I don't see a place for him so i'd sell... 

All good valid points regarding Ireland WC/Spinkys but what i personally would like to see is attention being paid to the gap in our midfield by Petrovs illness is there any news on that front as yet ? .

If it is a case of losing him for a considerable period of time then i do feel that a replacement for him should be looked for not just as a player of decent quality in our squad but also as Club captain as he has left a considerable gap to fill and a very good reputation as a Club captain to follow . In regards to his replacement if one is needed then i have no hard and fast preferences as long as he can do the job to a standard befitting it as Petrov did so well for the time he was captain . 



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