So we are back at Villa Park on Saturday. Boy does Bruce need a win, I think he is now a dead man walking and a defeat, particularly a defeat with a poor performance will make his position untenable.

I can hear the boos now ringing around Villa Park.

But according to the boss, he is the man to get us promoted, so maybe he gets a performance on Sat.

We have no striker unless he goes for some of the kids, which I think would be better. He will, of course go with Gabby.

So what do you reckon lads? A stunning season changing win? A poor performance and scrape a win? A tight and boring 0-0? Or the end for Bruce with the lads not playing for him?

I'm going for a 3-0 win as I am the eternal optimist and slightly insane!!

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A slightly better performance except for up front. We will fail to score. If we play Whelan Norwich will go for him (too slow), carve holes in the defence and get 1 or more goals.

I really hope he's gone by then. The longer he stays the more negative it gets.

Bottom line: I'm totally convinced Bruce can't do it. Top half finish would be optimistic. Relegation possible.

Got to agree with you on most of the above point's McP .

A win by no mean's impossible is in my book unlikely bore draw more of a reality if we lose and do not turn up with a half decent performance then the reality is Bruce better start to clear his desk .



If Bruce plays Flabby, we will lose and Bruce deserves all he gets.

It's time to trust the kids, RHM, Davis and O'Hare give them a game Flabby has scored his only goal for this year/season.

With Flabby lose 0-2 with the kids win 2-0

Agree with you there JDHS 

At least the kid's have something to prove instead of players relying on there yesterday's for a place in the team .



Jedi could be back, that will be a bonus if he plays.

Well Bosko - a stunning season changing win - highly unlikely, if that was coming we would have seen some good signs emerging long before 2morow.

A poor performance - more than likely but cant see where any goals are gonna come from to achieve a win.

Tight & boring 0-0 no chance 0-2 more than likely - Bruce does not know how to set up a team to prevent opposition from scoring.

The lads will play for him the way that he wants them to play - which is not good enough !

Eternal optimist & overly insane - but we all live in hope that things will change for the better.

Well after the noses lose to Burton we are 24th out of 24.

I suppose you can now say with some confidence the only way is up!

Until the end of the season ...

Interesting team, no Gabby WOW!! Shame Jedi didn't make it...

Team: Johnstone, Hutton, Terry, Chester, Taylor, Hourihane, Whelan, Onomah, Green, Elmo, Davis

Bench: Steer, Samba, Lansbury, Hogan, Bree, Barney, Adomah
Surprised Gabby nowhere in sight. So, two forwards, Davis takes his bow up front, Hogan (recovered?) on the bench.
Not a bad lineup but depends how the team is set up.
Looks like 4411 and first goal scored! Davis seems to be lively and Hourihane scoring now he has done freedom. Norwich are having chances though so midfield still weak without Jedi but add him and Kodjia to this line up and it's not bad.

Well half way there. Let's hope we can keep this up. The young lads have done well.



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