Well it seems we are 0-1 down at half time to a Defoe header. The team is much changed with Albrighton, Kozak,Lowton, Sylla, Baker and Steer coming in.

Any one watching? I'm hoping the new boys can stake their claim.

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0-2 down now. Helenius and Bowery on.

No wonder hardly any one has turned up to Villa Park

yeah i watched the whole thing. We didn't play that great to be honest and the scoreline is probably a fair reflection. I think we had one shot on target or something, maybe two. There were some positives to take however, and i guess we have to look at those, but in reality we should have given the Tottenham b-team a much better game, even if some of our key players were missing. The positives to take home were: 

1. Bacuna looks to be really getting up to pace with things

2. Albrighton showed signs of why we liked him so much before. 

3. Bennett looked extremely motivated to play.

4. KEA looked very very snappy. 

5. Kozak shows glimpses of real quality and won a lot of the aerial duels he was in

however there were some real negatives. 

1. We lack any creativity whatsoever

2. Jed Steer is prone to errors. 

3. Lowton is half the player he was last season

4. Helenius is far from any sort of player

5. Tonev the same 

thats about all there was too it. We huffed and puffed, and yes we probably should have had a penalty, but in reality, Tottenham were a class above. 

Hmmm as I thought really. I'm all for looking for the positives, I always will, but no one can ignore the glaringly obvious. We are in for another tough season, make no mistake about it. Until we learn to control the game and find some creativity, we will struggle to make an impact.

It will be interesting to see where we're at come Xmas. I'd bet bottom three over top half; I'd love nothing more to be wrong though.

Pretty fair summary, umma, though I thought 4-0 was really a goal too many: we didn't deserve that.  Agreed, Bacuna's looking very good and seems to be able to play anywhere (except, maybe, in goal) and Bennett and Albrighton were both much better than you'd have expected. Tonev is erratic and can look awful at times but he can certainly hit a ball. Needs to calm down a little, though. Baker was largely very effective too, but Lowton worries me: what's gone wrong? I can't believe such an impressive and enthusiastic performer last season has suddenly 'lost it' - is he carrying an injury or is there something more to it? Anyone in the know?

4 nil or 3 nil, either way we got spanked and just weren't good enough.

No idea what's happened to Lowton, new contract maybe? Or is it too much to expect top performances week in week out from a young lad from league 1?
Think the excitement of pre season has gone and the realisation that we could be in for another season of struggle,we won't go down but we won't be near top ten as many of our over excited fans predicted!
I think all the new players will bed in and make us safe but I can't see any thing more than staying in the prem as being our main aim for now and the near future, and that like many other clubs,will do our owner!
We saw the difference last night with a team 4 seasons ago, we were better than!
Their squad depth is far superior than ours and their fringe players had more skill,understanding and ability than our fringe guys!
We all need to realise that the days of us being a European force or even contender to qualify for, are a distant dream!
It's hard to accept after seeing us in our glory days,winning the holy grail,even a few years ago challenging for European places to this future of playing for survival,with other clubs and selling our best to fund another bunch of kids to come through and sell to the elite !
It's a wheel that we are stuck on and unless we have a sugar daddy ,will never get off!
Sad thing was I didn't see us getting a result last night so I am not disappointed,just frustrated that a great club could not put up a challenge to another great club,who were in our shadows,till a manager
Sulked and left,and an owner ,who didn't have an understanding of the game, got bit and now punishis us fans for those mistakes!
Fools and money are soon parted!

ah its not all doom and gloom. we will get better. I mean Bacuna is looking quality. Bennett looked alright. Albrighton looked a player possesed at times!

I also thought that Kozak at times looked very impressive up front. We will get better, we just got beat all ends up last night, and that happens. We will move on. 

Benteke getting injured doesn't help, as it will be realistically two months before he gets back to full fitness. The positives are that i think Kozak will score goals while the big man is out, especially if we have Gabby and Weimann firing. 

Kozak's first touch was sublime last night, he took a 60 yard pass and trapped it... that is one weakness in Tekkers game

Last night even though Spurs were much better then us we should have had the chance to make it 1-1 how he ref did not give he penalty was amazing.

Albrighton had a good game and tried hard off the ball his performance will give him a lot of confidence and lambert  praising him in public through the media will also get him feeling good.

I just hope Lowton is having a dip in form because by the standards he set himself last year he looks a very poor version off that and unlike last season he has real competition in Bacuna  who I see at his best at RB rather then Midfield. Matty got his new contract lets see how hungry he is to make at this club.

Benteke is a big loss but if Gabby Andi and Kozak can all stay fit there is no reason why we cannot keep on scoring.

The midfield is the problem and I hope Lambert can sort it out in Jan we need some creative quality in their we have enough hard working players what we need is some real quality.

Tonev also needs to step it up he looked good against Malaga but since then he has been really poor massive improvement needed.

The game on Saturday is a big test for Lambert he needs to sort out the home form and make sure we can hopefully get a point. The fans are getting frustrated with the home form and it needs to be turned around sooner rather then later.

We just have to hope Man City come to VP with the wrong attitude like they did with Cardiff and Stoke and we can some how nick a point.


Man City, with their movement, power and pace will give us a complete hiding. We had better just think about the games that we have after, in my opinion. 

Though i am looking forward to seeing Delph up against Yaya, have a feeling Delph will not be overawed in the slightest!



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