sky report that Aston Villa has sacked Steve Bruce

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If true then Xmas has come early - now hopefully we can all look forward to some exciting football !

It’s true! All the back room staff gone as well and Kmac in charge for the weekend!

What a birthday present .

Needed to be done he could not rely on his past glories of promotions from the championship its the here and now that matters to Villa .

Who now ? anyone who can make use of our talent and start our season going again .



Who next ? .

For me Smith , Henry , Rodgers or Terry ( player manager at least we would have a decent centre back )

One word: Great!

Was never a fan, hoped he'd prove me wrong but never came close. Looking back over the 2 years in no way have we built for the future, which I think's essential. Time we got someone in who understands the modern game and has the coaching abilities to match. I don't think it'll be any of the names usually quoted.

On my way north on holiday. Managed to find a wifi link to check on the news.

Meanwhile, good luck to kevin mac; he'll need it.

I hope we get in a young, ambitious manager who can get this talented group playing expansive football. Anyone coming in will have their work cut out as we have no defence!!

But if we can play on the front foot, then we can win more than we lose. I won't be expecting miracles, promotion this season would be a huge bonus.

I feel for KMAC he will have to patch up the defence and try to get a result against Millwall, hopefully he takes the shackles off the team and lets them go and play.

Melborg or Smith for me.

Think Melborg and Laursen are both taking time out of football at the moment.

Me? Patrick Viera if he'd come.

Never considered Vierea but the more I think about him, saw a lot of him when he was coach at New York, the more of a good call it sounds.

Melborg has been on a break since April so he might be intrested now.

Smith is my Favorite so far with the style of play he brings..

A few fans say he would struggle at a big club, why would he?

These are the same people wanting Henry, and any bloke with a Spanish name.

Smith has plenty of experience in this league and has had his team There or there abouts, a team with no budget and no super stars .

Some say he wont be able to handle bigger players?

Apart from Grealish ( sometimes )

we dont have big stars.

Or he could just bomb them out like our other so called know all coaches have done in the past.

This morning it is reported that Moyes is the bookies favourite, with McCarthy throwing his hat in, initially there was mention of fat Sam.

NO, NO, NO to each of them the are just Bruce morphed into another body.

We Villa fans deserve to be entertained and enjoy our football any appointment of this type of manager will leave us outside the top teams forever.

We deserve better.

Bang on JDHS .

We need a manager with fresh idea's how the game should played and not a manager with a dinosaur mindset ( 4 4 2 if they dont score we dont lose ) we need a man who can get our squad playing to players strengths not shackeling them what is the point of getting having midfielders and forwards who can seriously hurt teams if they are told to sit back or worse still having them on the bench week in week out .

It has worked for Wolves and looks like it is working for Leed's i think we should go bold and look to the continent and get in a manager with a good record from there .

I know that sounds stupid after the article I have just posted .

Henry the odds on favourite now! If he can persuade Terry to be his No.2 then it could be a dream team! Would still prefer Smith. 

After today, whoever it is has a big job but we’re still not that far off the play offs although we have some tough games coming up.



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