We really need a win tonight to keep pace with our rivals.

I hope Jedinak is fit enough to start, not sure of the status of Kodjia, so Davis up top.

Get Doyle-Hayes on the bench, give some of these youngsters experience soon.

3 points a must tonight Brucey....

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Bruce will play for a draw like he does at all away games.

He has no plan b as we have all discussed before, so no chance of any thing other than hoofball.

1;1 score for me. 

Agreed, we have to win to keep pace with top 6 but we just seem to be bluffing our way up the table,

we look terrible.

October wasn't that great for us, so here's to a fab November with fast flowing football that is the envy of the league.

If Bruce plays for a draw it will be a huge mistake. Preston currently have big problems in defence; we have to exploit that. That means an attacking positive performance. I'd go for something like:


De Laet   Chester   Terry   Hutton

Elmo  Jedinak Hourihane   Adomah

Davis Hogan

De Laet needs to be played, and he has a useful turn of speed. He and Elmo on the right give us a useful attacking thrust on the wing, likewise Hutton and Adomah on the left.  With Kodjia injured it's about time Hogan was given a real chance; I think him and Davis could form a good partnership.

Bench could be something like Steer, Bree, Lyden, Grealish, O' Hare, Whelan, McKirdy

Needless to say, Bruce won't field anything like the above. Expect Hutton to be dropped for Taylor, Elmo at RB and Snoddy to be retained, Whelan played and Hogan maybe not even on the bench.

This is a winnable game for Villa .

The question is will Bruce pet out a team and set it up to get at Preston and go for the win or sit back run the clock down and saintly play for a draw .

I say go for it Bruce .



Which team we put out this evening will tell us lots about Bruce and how our season will go.

I always hope for a positive performance and a good win but don’t think Bruce knows how to achieve that.

Nevertheless I’ll go for a win 0-2
One change from the team that started the derby, Davis in for Kodjia.

Not the team I would have chosen, so I hope they prove me wrong.

Bruce is doing my nut. Preston are there for the taking. So he puts out a defensive setup. What's the plan, hoofball up to Davis?

Not a youngster on the bench. No Grealish, no O'Hare, no McKirdy, no Doyle Hayes, no Lyden.

Sounds like we have started well 2-0 up before HT. A chance to improve the goal difference, shame some of the kids are not on the bench..

Much to my surprise, we ARE on the attack. Good value for the 2-0 lead. We can get more goals out of this.

OK they should have had a penalty but that's the way it goes.

Still reckon it's a pity there aren't more youngsters on the bench though.

delighted we won away last night but as I said it tells us lots about us and our manager. Having scored two by half time I expected we would go for it and score some more in the second half. But no Bruce shut up shop towards the end when we clearly could have done more.

So what does that tell us, well our manager is not interested in performance and killing off teams he is just concerned about points not performance.

Thats ok if we are top of the league but we're not, I really hope that Bruce does it and get us promoted  and then goes with some money in his back pocket because I want to be entertained not play half a match like we did last night.



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