Its Simple Really... I've been saying for many, many years that I'd love to see our Round Badge back.


It's synonymous with Villa's most successful periods and part of our heritage. There's something about it. Look at our current washed out Badge, does it say anything to you?


Its time that the club listened to it's fans, lets change our Badge back...


While you're contacting the club please also make your veiws on Brolly Man known... We don't want him. The link is below.


Contact Aston Villa Football Club

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It's to do with copyright, you can't copyright an image for more than a certain period of time so club badges have to change otherwise the street sellers can legally use the actual badge.


That's why a lot change a little bit every now and then.

We love the round badge though City...


We've had a few different styles of Round Badge.


But I now understand why they change the badge design, but not the shape.

Done on both counts and cheers for the link.

Didn't Chelsea nick our round badge?


Ha ha, I know it's an iconic badge for them, at least it shows they had some good sense in bringing it back.  We should do the same.  The round badge was by far the best, although I don't hate the new badge as much as that stripey monstrocity we had before.



I hope you don't mind but I copied your round badge and now have it as my pic on SW.





I'd like to see it on every Villa Shirt... I think I may just use it as my profile picture to...
The round badge has been my twitter pic for ages.
Thanks once again WC - looks much better and it fits too :-0)
No don't do that, your tache suits you LOL

we have only just changed to the new badge (which i actually don't mind and prefer to the striped badge of the eliis era - que lynching- although i do perfer the lion in the striped badge, looks a bit more aggresive), so i doubt we would revert back anytime soon.


taking this into account could we not try and get it implimented into the kit/shirt somehow? like maybe as an accent on the backk of the collar or something? just a thought.


Anyway, if we're talking old badges i really like the one which i think we had in around the 50's (FA cup winning shirt???)


basically the black and white photo in the stripe kit in this link.



I've got that badge as well on a 1960s retro shirt. Yeah, it's better than what we have now. One reason I think they went for a predominantly sky blue badge now is so that it shows up better on a claret body - just a thought.


Badges used to get talked about from time to time on 606 and it seems obvious to me that the majority do like the round badge - I know I do.



I'd like the first lion in a circular badge but with the deeper Claret from the last badge.



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