Barcelona under investigation for match fixing, Xavi involved

The Catalan press is going to implode today. Both Sport and Mundo Deportivo are reporting that Barcelona and Deportivo's match at the end of the season is under investigation. The suggestion is that Barcelona eased off during the game and allowed Deportivo to get a crucial 2-2 draw which helped them stay in La Liga. Deportivo, thanks to the point against Barcelona, finished the season on 35 points which was the same as Eibar, with Eibar being relegated due to head to head.

Eibar would have stayed up and Deportivo been relegated had Barcelona won. Albert Lopo, say Mundo Deportivo, has told Canal+ that he asked Xavi to ease up. There is picture 'evidence' of such too, see above. Lopo didn't expect the comments to be released but they have been and now an investigation will be launched.

It's absolutely huge news. It may seem relatively innocent from Barcelona's perspective to ease up when they've already won the league, but in essence not trying as hard as you can and doing that purposely is match fixing. 

The LFP have opened an investigation and if proven the sanctions would surely be huge and it could have an impact on which league Eibar and Deportivo play in next season. Lopo clearly should have kept his mouth shut, certainly when speaking to a media company. What did he expect? Loco Lopo. 

Eibar may find salvation if Elche lose an appeal against relegation handed out due to tax debts. Elche finished 13th but were handed the sanction, they are appealing and expect to win. 

Update: Madrid based newspaper AS have said it's the player rather the match being investigated. A turn of the tables that the Madrid reports are less sensational about a negative Barcelona story than the Catalan media.

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