Well another team to play from whom we have pinched their start player, that up to now has proven to be a bad omen.

This game is all down to Bruce, who he plays and how he sets them up, we are watching you Bruce its time to prove you know what you are doing.

I am not confident enough in him to predict a win, prove me wrong Bruce.

by the way  we are 91 0f 92 in the 2017 league table. Tells you all you need to know

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This has to be a tipping point for me been round Rotherham to night with some mate's they lost narrowly by one goal .

We as the supposedly superior team have been out classed by Barnsley where do we go as a club from here ? 

The main concern for me is relegation to protect from that if it mean's sacking Bruce and getting some one else in so be it by come on Dr be decisive and ruthless and let's get this problem sorted soonest .



Think we still have some leeway re relegation, but we should be putting in place the foundations for next season's promotion push not trying to hold on to a place in the Championship. This isn't what the Dr. spent his money for; he won't be happy, neither should he be, neither should we.

We have a fresh squad, there shouldn't be any hangovers from post issues. Surely Bruce should be able to organise the players he's got into a team which can get results, not fall apart.

Bruce has proved he can have an impact - 24 points from 12 games when he arrived I think. This year started badly when we lost Kodjia with no back up and the defeats started coming and the confidence went (along with any luck.)

I do think the 352 can work but we need a holding midfield player - Jedi when he is fit. In the meantime, can Thor not do it? Just someone to sit in and break up the attacks (or at least slow them down.) I think Johnstone needs to be dropped as we have got worse defensively since he arrived. Bunn has the experience and will organise the defence.

442 will not work with Lansbury and Hourihane as they are more attack minded and this leaves our defence open. It's like Gerrard and Lampard for England - both went forward and left a huge hole.

Hopefully we can survive this year and then, in the summer, buy two decent central defenders and a holding midfield player. Then I think it will work.

Really don't know what to say other than I am not really surprised by the result.

Although I didn't want Bruce in the first place and still don't think he is good enough for Villa, most of you wanted him and think he is the right man.

I have to accept that at this stage it would be madness to change manager and spend big money all over again with a new one.

That said the present situation is wholly unacceptable, the club must now give Bruce a sit down talking to and tell him his job is not on the line BUT these are the minimum requirements going forward.

one/ settle the team down and play a style that suits the players you have and achieve a top half finish to the season.

two/ automatic promotion to the premier next season.

three/ only one at a real stretch two players will be signed in the summer.

Take it or leave it Mr Bruce, taking the pee is no longer an option, you have the players you wanted, you have shipped out the players you deemed to be below your standard.

It is now fairly and squarely on your shoulders, if you assistant is the problem sort it NOW!

Don't think changing manager would lead to yet another splashing of the cash. The whole new set-up in the club  is designed to avoid that. The only reason that there were this number of signings in this window was that it was obvious we still had a number of areas of weakness, mainly midfield, but also a bit thin on full-backs and up front, and the opportunities arose to get the players in. The general approach is that if the manager goes there isn't a wholesale change of personal. I suspect the players we signed were every bit as much a club choice as a Bruce choice.

I wasn't enthusiastic about Bruce; I'd have gone for Clarke, who has a high reputation as a coach and did a good job at Reading, and who hasn't old-school ideas. Bruce's performance when he came in had me thinking he was OK, but now I wonder about those. The team was Clarke-coached, the under-par performances before were I think largely down to RDM and his inability to influence matches, and maybe we had some overdue luck.

To me this can't continue; somewhere a line has to be drawn. We need to be building for next season not fighting relegation. Bruce must be very close to that line.



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