In my view he needs a win, he can say what he likes in these press conferences, but we have been poor, we have under performed.

We might be undefeated in 4 in the league, but only 1 win, we need to turn these draws into wins. I have said it many times for now, I do not care about the performance, wins are what count.

So anything less than a win tonight and I think he will be gone.

What do you think?

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If we don't win he deserves to go.

He has taken the best players from several rivals and turned them into non-performers.

It's not the players it's the set up and game plan, we don't appear to be able to play to the plan or the plan is a duff, either way that's manager stuff.

No win - new manager required.

As the Dr said only results matter.

The Dr has also said that it's wins which count in September. If he really means that, then Steve has to win this one. Another draw and he might survive, but he's have to win the remaining three in September even then. A win and I still think his position would be on the line.

These poor performances are not only depressing us, they must be having an effect on the dressing room. We can't afford to slip back into our relegation mood. Steve was given pre-season to show that he could sort things out. He hasn't. I think he should go anyway. Don't think he's good enough.

Can't imagine what team he'll put out. If I was Barnsley I'd look to open us up down our left.

Team:Johnstone; Elmohamady, Terry, Chester, Taylor; Whelan, Hourihane, Snodgrass; Adomah, Davis, Kodjia

Bench: Steer, Samba, Lansbury, Hogan, Onomah, Bjarnason, Hutton

0-2 to us HT. Much improved. Adomah having a great game on the left wing, scored both goals, one a pen won by Davis. Davis working hard, Kodjia a handful. The defence mainly OK; Chester and Terry look solid.

Not sure about Elmo at RB, and Snoddy a bit variable.

Whatever, this is how we should be approaching games. Winning is about scoring goals.

So that was better, now we need to do this week in, week out, not just when we are calling for his head.

I hope we can build on this.

Oh and Redknapp LOL!!

Agree we need to build on this, although I am over the moon it was too disjointed for me it a win is a win.

Noses sack Rednapp - how dare they!

In terms of scoring it was Adomah and Davis playing out of their socks. Plus Kodjia putting in a shift.  That gave us the edge we've been missing. When Adomah tired and Kodjia and Davis came off we were back to the old stuff. No way should Snoddy be playing ahead of Adomah.

Good result and tactically sound as well. As has been mentioned, a little disjointed but think this was down to Snodgrass and Kodjia coming in and the rest of the team learning how to play with them. Should only get better over time.

 Yes a dam good result but I think this just papers over the cracks of a totally incompetent manager - I would like to think that we have indeed turned the corner but not convinced ! - one swallow does not mean summer has arrived !

The disjointed play has nought to do with 2 'new' forward players being played its how Brucie

plays ? - he knows no better

The front 3 took the game to the opposition & the defence was never under any pressure from a lacklustre forward line - good job really with Terry in there !

Well has he learnt ? time will tell - 2 weeks could see me enjoying an ouzo !

Not negative nor blinkered just optimistic & hoping !

Yep, think we have to see how things look at the end of September. One swallow doth not a summer make, as Aristotle once said, ahem. We need 3 wins. Anything less than 2 is poor.



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