Barry Bannan gestures towards kids after converting penalty against Manchester United

Manchester United's reserve side last night won the north/south league play off against Aston Villa at Old Trafford. A good attendance saw a dull first half and even though it brightened up in the second 45 minutes, both teams having good chances to score, the match finished 0-0 and went straight to penalties.

The crowd was mainly children with their parents, it had been just £1 for youngsters to get in and free for members and a lot took the opportunity to see a game at Old Trafford. The make up of those attending could be heard with the high pitched 'Glory Glory Man United' and when kids counted down the last 10 seconds of each half.

When the penalties started, it was Barry Bannan up first, he got pantomime boos from the kids on the way to the penalty spot. Such was the theatre of it, children were doing the thumbs down sign whilst squeaking their boos out. Bannan had played well in the game and walked up confidently.

When the 10 times capped Scottish international scored, he turned to the kids watching a youngsters reserve game and gave it the ears cupped sign before giving them grief twice on his way back to the centre circle. It didn't really have the effect Big Time Bannan wanted and children and parents alike burst into spontaneous laughter.

Villa didn't score another penalty and United went on to win the shoot-out and claim the trophy. 

Earlier that day Bannan had found himself in the Birmingham Mail for having a Twitter argument with Birmingham City supporters the previous night. He taunted them about losing to Blackpool in the play-offs and was undoubtedly sent some grief back, he continued citing 'bantor' (as he called it) and was asked if he'd had a drink, admitting that he had toasted Birmingham losing their chance of promotion.

The 'bantor' went on past midnight and perhaps his tiredness at the end of the following day's game made him a bit tetchy hence the bizarre reaction to children booing him. 



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Leave big time Barry alone... You try working with big Eck lol

To be fair he didn't taunt the Birmingham fans, he congratulated Blackpool cos he played on loan there. But yes what he did here to the kids was a bit pathetic!

He is So bad it's unbelievable. He got schooled by a 19 year old from our reserves. The guy is just so cocky and thinks he is Wayne Rooney or something to act as a spoilt brat. He doesn't have a future at Villa park and soon you'll be seeing him with some championship or league1 teams or worst with Liverpool as they only buy such overrated useless British crap.

Thinks he's Wayne Rooney? What a big time Charlie who gets bigged up by the media and never lives up to the hype :P

well i thought it was a great penalty myself, don't know what all the fuss is about.  

Hmmm,  Sport Witness nil between the ears, the only team's supporters that really use your site.....

Lets have a go at a young Villa player and piss off your best customers who already get pissed off by stupid pop up ads, goodbye!!

Best customers? Bless. We had 300,000 different people visit last month.

If a player does something we think should be highlighted then we'll highlight it, indeed over 17,000 different people looked at that article alone. Enjoy your travels. 



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