Basketball star who changed his name to World Peace in big trouble for awful elbow. Video.

This shouldn't be funny but it's the name of the attacker which brings giggles. Towards the end of last year basketball star Ronald Artest changed his name to Metta World Peace in order to inspire the youth of the world.

He chose Metta as it's a traditional Buddhist name which means 'loving kindness and friendliness towards all'. You wouldn't expect an obvious and violent elbow on an opponent's head from this guy then would you?

You'd be wrong, very wrong. How to give World Peace a bad name eh? 

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I was watching the game online (I'm a Lakers fan), he's abit of a lovable rogue. He has previous though. He received an 86 game ban for his part in a mass brawl between the Pacers & Pistons in 2007.



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