I just cannot wait for the return of one of our most talented players Bebe from the devastating injury he suffered 6 months ago.
Now I am looking forward to his return more than Tom Cleverley. IMO it's only Bebe who will bring our season which has been derailed by now on track.
He has shown on his debut that he is the man that can take over from Ronaldo. His talents has no bounds. Our scouts must be praised for making such a genius find and our negotiators must definitely be praised for signing him at an absolute bargain for 7m when donkeys like Downing and Henderson go for 20m. I have no doubt whatsoever that he will definitely prove to be a future star. The talent is there undoubtedly.
Although he still ain't as good as Andy Carroll. Shame we sold Obertan. Imagine a strike force of
Obertan - Carroll - Bebe.
It would absolutely scare the living daylights out the opposition. A true combination of pace, power, skill and determination.
Forget the likes of Oxlade Chamberlain, Welbeck and Sturridge, Bebe is way better than him and has great potential.
I just wish he returns quickly and hopefully be better than he was before injury like Valencia. Our club has a bright future since we have Bebe. Although he still ain't no Andy Carroll.

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For tat.

what are people's views on Lana Del Rey? I really love her voice.

Not surprised that you listen to such faggoty, main stream and useless music. Never heard of her. Although some say she is the second coming of Lady"I am homo" Gaga.
Go listen to some brutal, heavy and meaningful stuff like Lamb of God or Iron Maiden or Judas Priest.

I'm going to ask the same question I did on your Mike Phelan article...
You're so desperate for Quieroz to come back, yet we signed Bebe on his recommendation. So, what do you want?? Queiroz back, or Bebe slated?? You really can't have both.


Somebody's been on the cooking sherry again...



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