Fk you Spurs!!!!



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I think the talk that Spurs were chasing Negredo was probably enough to persuade Benteke to bite the bullet and sign a new contract.

If AVB goes to Barca and they sell Bale I will laugh, a lot.

Great news, as i have said before, he has been badly advised if he had been waiting for Levy and Spurs, alls well that ends well, looking forward even more to the start of the season now.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh Christian Benteke, Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Christian Benteke.

Loyal servant to the cause

I am going to laugh my cock and balls off when Spuds loose AVB and Bale, well more when Bale leaves than anything.

Great news! We can now afford to let ourselves have some ambitious thoughts for this season. It means we've can reap the fruits of the team experience of last season, bolstered by the new signings, and we retain our potent attacking threat without having to try and rebuild a new one. Our pre-season is well on schedule. Bring it on!

Full credit to Lambert. Best manager for a long time.

Hope there's no back-lash against Benteke. It's time to move on.

Delighted well done Villa played it just right
Not sure how I feel right now. I was really disappointed in Benteke when he handed in his transfer request last week- obviously didn't want to play for us and I was looking forward to villa getting £20m and a couple of new players. What's changed his mind? Probably realised spuds weren't going to pay the going rate so has slunk back to us with his tail between his legs...... Now saying what a great place AVFC is.... Really? Sure he will change his tune when someone else comes sniffing around.

to be honest, if he stays for a season and then says f u AVFC, thanks for the up in my wages, but i am off. It would be grand with me.Though he had better score 15 goals plus again ;-)

i would say there are some odd Spurs fans! loooooollll

I'd say it's win win all round. I've nothing against players being ambitious, rather the reverse. But he's at the stage of his career where he needs to push on and improve his game, and at Villa he's got the ideal place to do that. The way we play suits him, we've got top coaches, he's guaranteed playing time, it's an environment he obviously enjoyed and feels comfortable in, and Lambert is hugely ambitious. All that matters. I think the transfer attempt was daft, wrong for him as well as a kick in the teeth for us. Glad he's come to his senses. Lambert's done well.

As for the end of the coming season, what he needs to do is stop and calmly think about what's right for the following season. It could go either way.

Bale's benefited by sticking with Spurs. Same with Benteke sticking with us.

I seriously cannot wait for next season now. So much positivity around the club for the first time in years!

Top half and a decent cup run (avoiding Bradford!) please!
I tell you what this is a measure of how far the club has already come. How many times in the last God knows how many seasons would we have kissed goodbye to one of our top players but not this time.
Happy days!
Oh what a beautiful morning,oh what a beautiful day,I've got a marvellous feeling,every things going villas way!
Spuds,joke club trying to be one of the big boys,ha!
Win ,win,he gets a pay rise,villa keep the hotshot for another season,and all our wanted players keep on signing on for 4 more years,lowton!
Who knows,if it all clicks with this exciting squad of ours,Benteke may be here next pre season!
Happy days men,happy days!



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