Best Signings of the Season... And Worst although I don't think there's much competition Fernando...

Not much explanation needed so I'll crack on...


In no particular order...


Javier Hernandez (Man U from Guadalajara, £6m)

Darren Bent (Aston Villa from Sunderland, £18m rising to £24m)

Cheik Tiote (Newcastle from FC Twente, undisclosed)

Luis Suarez (Liverpool from Ajaz, £22,8m)


Who is your teams best signing of the season and should they should be in my list?


Can you compose a top 5... in order?


No competition for Worst... Fernando Torres... £50m... Michael Jackson has been more of a goal threat at Fulham.




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I wouldn't put it in the top 5 list but Zigic for Birmingham. He hasn't taken the league by storm but scored very important goals in the league cup.
Is this a sick sick joke?

Demba Ba? 8 goals for a shite side isnt a bad knock in the slightest! Does lose points on the fact he cant spell his name on paper for fans mind ;)


Meireles? Cracking signing he was this season technically right??





Peter Odemwingie?



City... good call... I bow to your superior knowledge...
I just like his name ;)

tell me..... would you pick a car by colour of service history?



I have a competitor to Torres.... unbelievably... Stephnie Ireland.


What a waste of space.



Ohhh and Joe Cole.... Mauro Boselli

Moussa Dembele

I think had it not been for injury we'd have been talking about Hatem Ben Arfa


Van Der Vaart?

Van Der Vaart had this sewn up for a few months but just went right off the boil after a while, still been a cracking coup, but best of the season? I would say not quite.


Odemwinge is a great shout mind

Van Der Vaart as been excellent but I am inclined to disagree with you when it comes to being a good signing.  I think his purchase as been the main problem for Tottenham this season, they had to alter their formation, approach and style to accommodate him.


For someone to be a good signing, they not only need to play well but also improve the team.  IMO, Tottenham signing Van Der Vaart didn't do the latter.

Similarly, Luis Suarez as played a major role in Liverpool's revival after our worst start in over fifty years and this is why he is getting a lot of praise and considered in these debates despite only being here for four months!



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