Reports out of Italy claim United have had a bid of 27 mil £ accepted. 
If true, is the boy Sanchez a good fit for us and does this signify the level of our intent this 
Who else would u like to see?

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Reports from Italy? heard that about Balotelli last season and guess where he ended up. There is no official reports and can you please link a source or is your source people from twitter?
I just for the life of me can't see why we would sign Sanchez. With Young coming in it means Nani is likely to go and if we signed Sanchez another winger would have to leave. There simply is not enough games for 3-4 wingers wanting to play week in week out. Makes little or no sense.
Bitter Nolhman that u didn't post it first?
Your sources not coming through eh?
If u want the source, go fucking find it.  

I came acrossed it, thought it intersting, and decided to post it.

Surely it would mean Nani's on the way out. We can't sign Young and Sanchez while keeping Nani and Valencia (unless of course Fergie's planning on putting Young behind Rooney, in which case bye bye Berbatov).


Also I read Udinese valued him way higher, over £40m? I thought whoever bought him would at least have to top £30m.


Half of me hopes it's true though. Can't help but feel he'd be a hit in the Premier League.

The reasons for us not signing him out weigh the reasons for us signing him. There is no logic to signing him and the Guardian have stated that Gill had a meeting but decided not to offer. The guardian and the telegraph are stating that City will sign him but for 25m plus a player. The deal will take a couple of days or even weeks due to negotiations. We are only reported to be involved in this saga by Daily fail and the Mirror. 2 highly unreliable papers. I would rather believe the Guardian and telegraph.

Like I say, I've got mixed feelings regarding Sanchez. No doubt he's a fantastic player, but I hated his diving in the World Cup, and I'm not sure we should spend a fortune to upset the squad.


Let's just wait and see …

You have not given a valid reason for your opinions. I have 2 below and here is a few more.

Berbatov is no more first choice. Hernandez is not good enough to he our main starter. Fergie can combine rooney and sanchez to play as an attacking pair incorporating hopefully the use of a false 9.

Sanchez as a talent is deemed mor talented than nani and valencia. I believe this opinion.

Young sanchez and nani are versatile players of which fergie can get creative with when using them.

Sanchez will be a money spinner. Everyone loves legovers.

Money and prestige. We have both the other options dont
A deal is looking increasingly possible for 2 reasons
1. We apparently can pay more cash up front than barca who need to add players in the deal
2. He does not xant to go to city. Something about a sense of history, the same reason he signed the very low contract with barca

I will be delighted with this deal but it means one of two things either berbatov or nani is leaving. I love both players but i truly believe sanchez is able to win wfoty awards. Hoping a deal goes through.



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