Bild say Mourinho sent Lewandowski a text saying he wants him at Chelsea

Bild have been all the rage over the past few weeks or so, breaking football news before other outlets. Their most recent huge scoop came with the revelation that Mario Gotze would be moving from Borussia Dortmund to Bayern Munich at the end of the current Bundesliga season.

In the latest edition of Sport Bild, out today, they have produced a timeline of what's been happening with clubs trying to take players away from Dortmund over the last couple of years or so, and the detail is impressive. There are a few stars involved, several clubs, and all kinds of goings-on which would make a total mockey of any 'tapping-up' rules.

Given that they had inside knowledge on other things related to both clubs then it's fair to give them some credit when they make these claims - although that can never guarantee total accuracy. Sport Bild today say that Jose Mourinho, current manager of Real Madrid, has gone as far as to send Robert Lewandowski a text this month telling him that he wants him to play for his team next season, but not his current La Liga side - Chelsea! It's huge news and if it were anywhere else we'd probably chuckle at the imagination involved but perhaps Sport Bild deserve more than that at the moment, perhaps not.

Surely that turn of events, Lewandowski arriving at Stamford Bridge, would mean that fellow Bundesliga star Andre Schurrle would be less likely to arrive and it would signal that Mourinho had got his way with the Chelsea board. They've been targeting players like Schurrle for some time and didn't want to give up on their long term plans but Mourinho, being Mourinho, wants more power than that and to have his own transfers. It's conceivable he could convince Roman Abramovich on Lewandowski, the Russian is a fan of exciting football and few do it better than Borussia Dortmund right now. A young team with Lewandowski at the forefront could be just what he's looking for, that's merely us speculating.

Sport Bild go on to say that 6 days ago, Chelsea were ready to submit an offer of 30m for Lewandowski which is decent considering he only has one year left on his contract. Chelsea hadn't really been in the Lewandowski picture, it appears that they certainly are now. Bayern Munich are mentioned throughout as a likely destination for Lewandowski but Borussia Dortmund themselves would probably want that to be the last option after already losing Gotze to their rivals.

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