This has to be a must not lose for poor ole Brucey.

We should be good enough to get a result.

I'm not one for posting a team and formation, infact I'd likely go for the same team as last week. But I'll have a go.


Gabby Gabby Gabby Gabby

Gabby Gabby Gabby Gabby

           Gabby Gabby

Well he does love a Bluenose derby!!

Hoping for the best..........

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If that is the team we are a dead cert to win .

Question is can Gabby get day release from B6 weight watcher's ? .

Seriously though this game is the one most fan's wait for let's hope we put in a good shift and get the result we need .



Wouldn't work. Each Gabby would stand around waiting for the other Gabbys to do something :-(

Think we're a bit short of pace. I'd like to see de Laet given a go sometime or other. Maybe this isn't the match for him to start, but might be worth the risk. Blues are poor on quality but they are fast up front.

Any team with Gabby in it is worth having a little sleep for a couple of hours.

Blues will always be up for this game, Bruce knows that very well, he motivated Blues at Villa Park so he should easily be able to motivate the Villa team against a poor Noses team.

The test is on, can he still do it, to all of those who support him and ask who would you replace him with, well as of yesterday Ronald Koeman would be my choice.

There is a god .

Gabby is a major doubt because of a calf injury according to Bruce .

Can anyone make this injury last all season ?



Why should he get fit he’s scored his one goal this year so job done according to Flabby, it’s tough deciding what to spend your money on.

Just don’t give him a new contract anyone, we’ve done enough of that.

Same team as last week. Surprised Grealish hasn't made the bench.

how many times are we going to give the ball away?

Good job blues are poor and don't know what to do with the ball.

Yep, haven't got a live link but it sounds as though we had a bright opening 15 minutes then gave up.

Can only get better in the second half ......right???

What is Bruce playing at Hourihane off when Onomah has done nothing

15 mins in we were cruising along, playing nice feet to feet football.

After that we just keep belting the ball forward in hope, terrible waste as blues look poor.

if we score first this game is over, just hope Bruce can change the tactics.

we are playing shite, making them look class now.

a decent coach would of changed this midfield by now.

this could be another wolves .

only one team in it now, it isn't us.



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