Not much going on here atm. Sooooooooooooo, how has your day been thus far everyone? Anyone got any nice holidays planned? How about pets? What pets do you have? Everyone loves pets.

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My holiday is a year long working in Australia, starting on the 13th of August!!! diva


Any plans yourself Merry?

Off to Sunny Beach (Bulgaria) for a week just this Sunday. Can't wait to get away from this depressing, gray Belfast summer!
Yes our summer in Dublin is equally as depressing. sadface
What sort of work are you doing in Oz?
I am/will be a qualified Quantity Surveyor after I complete my Thesis that I'm doing at the minute, so..... probably Fruit Picking.
Off to Corfu for 12 days on 1st July.  1st holiday in 3 years so looking forward to it!

Yes it started to piss down in Belfast as soon as I got out of work. It's always the way.


I haven't got any holiday plans this year although me and a few friends could possibly be going on a road trip down south though I've no idea where to go.

You could do worse than Donegal. Night life's awesome there.
I lived in Waterford for 3 years for college - quite a good spot for a weekend away & also Galway is pretty good...
I could possibly be going to London for the weekend of the Community Shield if I get a ticket which I don't think should be a problem. That's not what I would call a holiday though but I'd rather watch United than go on holiday.

Ah but think of all the 3D TV you're going to be watching. 


Put a towel on the settee, turn on the central heating, put on your special glasses, sorted.  cool

Seen a car crash, drove to poole and back and just used plenty of works toilet paper....


I shall update my movements as I see appropriate.



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